SO How Do We Build Your Google Assistant Bot?

We only need a few details from you and we will teach it the rest.

Once you have signed up to one of our packages then we try to keep the process as simple as possible. We simply send through a form that you can complete and with those details we will be able to start to build out your first Google Assistant bot.
There are a few key areas that we will take you through such as main areas of your business that you want to promote. Below we have some tips and help to make sure you get the most from it and gather information before you complete our form.
Happy Bot Building.

Some information to get together.

Areas of business

These are the areas of your business that you will need to send over to us, so we know what the bot will be asked about. For example, we may cover Chatbots, Google Bots and Digital Transformation.
Your package will tell you how many areas you can give us. (3 or 6)

Paragraph Teasers

The paragraph teasers are the descriptive and concise paragraphs that works within a conversation about your areas of business or conversation, these match up with your areas of business that you have chosen. We need two paragraphs for each, that will be a similar message but phrased a little differently. Keep them punchy and between 45-75 words.

Suggestion idea

About You

In addition to the areas of business that you operate in; we would like you to teach your bot to talk about the background of your business. So the team and achievements or framework.
Again we look for a couple of paragraphs that give a slightly different slant on this information and between 45-75 words again.

Contact Details

Very simple and understandable, we need the correct email to present to a client to drop you a line and then your phone number so they can call you.

Social Media

We want your top three social media channels here, so that you can promote your channels point people in the right direction.

Suggestion idea

Changing your Mind

After you have given your information and we have built out the conversation within your new bot you will be given a chance to amend when we run a Beta test with you.,

What Happens Next

Once we have your information, we will get your bot built and put you on the Beta testing before we go live. this is an important stage and we will need some logos and a little information for your listing in the Google Discovery Network. We will ask for this information, when we gather that information above. You can see the details below.

We will manage everything with just a little input from your team..
give it a try!
You are getting in early so you have a vital asset for your future business.

Google Discovery Network

What is the Google Discovery Network for Assistant?

This is the new app directory for Google Assistant and it is quoted now to have 1 million actions available already. So it is building very well.

We need some details

We will need some additional assets for this and we will ask you for these once Olly has sent over your first draft of your new bot. We will ask you to send the specific items that we talk about here and then we will make your new Google Assistant listing.

How about some logos?

Yes, we will need your logos for the network to ensure that your application stands out and is nicely branded. The image details are in the box below:

Image Sizes

We need two different image sizes for the directory as follows:
Large Banner Image : this is for a listing as is a headline to your description, so we would suggest a strong image with your logo.
Size: 1920 x 1080 - PNG is preferred with transparency if appropriate.
Small Logo Image: this is for the list icon and it is rounded as a lot of Google does with their logos or profile images
Size: 192 x 192 - PNG again with transparency.

See THE Directory

My Description?

You have quite a lot of space here. Up to 4000 characters, which is pretty good - so you have IRO of a 1000 words.
When you come up with the description we would suggest that you tell the user that it is a simple hello that is fun and tell them a little about your business that is .... .
We will also need a shorter description that is a single line of 100 characters.

Privacy and Consent

At this point we do not ask for any consent as we are just an information bot, but if it changes then there will be a need for other legislation.
We provide a standard privacy policy that we need you to agree with to make sure you are compliant.


We always need a category to file your directory listing under. These range from Business to Shopping and Sports. Here are a list of all the categories.

Location Targeting

By default we set the target of any assistant to the UK only and add more countries once we have a list from the business.

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