Car Chase Heroes get their own 'Hero'

A super busy chatbot to help them deal with 7,500+ customers a month automatically

So many tracks and so many cars!

Car Chase Heroes is the UK’s number 1 driving experience days business. Customers are able to make direct bookings with them, but typically the most popular route is through the ever-popular gift voucher market.

Over 20 tracks and locations across the UK, with a huge range of cars and vehicles to match

Car Chase Heroes run over 20 locations across the UK and these driving experiences are more popular than ever, which means there is lots and lots of demand, and lots and lots of customers out there trying to get in touch with queries around the vouchers they have and how to book.

Struggling to keep their customer service polished

When you are running an extremely busy activity-based business in today’s climate, it can be very difficult to keep your head above water when it comes to dealing with the deluge of enquiries coming in. We all know that when this happens, and the response times are not to customers expectations that this can lead to negative feedback and reviews – despite your best efforts.

Having worked with them previously on some other projects, they turned to Disruption Works.

Car Chase Heroes needed a solution that could help them deal with the many similar types of enquiries they received, in a super quick and cost-efficient manner, whilst providing their customers with an excellent customer service experience that was helpful and practical!

A 'Hero' is born

Their new chatbot, aptly named 'Hero', is able to neatly guide customers through the booking process, explaining how to use their vouchers and what codes needed to be used and where.

Their powerful chatbot is deployed across the website but also on Facebook Messenger to take away the load.

But not only that, Hero is able to answer a mass of other FAQs covering everything from whether you need a driving license to whether the is a food van at the venues. All of this significantly reducing unnecessary inbound contact into the already overloaded customer service team.

It also means that the enquiries they do receive are from those that really do need human help or extra bit of support.

Hero is the busiest member of the team

To put this into context, Hero is averaging over 250 customer conversations every single day!! Now imagine the time it would take to a human to help these 250+ conversation per day, that would certainly be a few people's work we imagine!

Hero is helping customers to self-serve and get immediate response to their enquiries, enabling the team to keep ahead of the inbox

So it’s a win for the business and a win for the customers – as we can see from the analytics, Hero not only helps out every single day of the week, but we also have seen conversations are coming through every single hour of the day!! A true 24/7 customer service experience!

Full self service is on the horizon

Its only early days, but off the back of the success of Hero, the plan is to take things a step further in the future, enabling customers to manage their bookings end-to-end through Hero.

With the power of full integration a little later on, the CCH team will continue to scale the operation.

Watch this space!

Fancy an exhilarating fun day out, check out Car Chase Heroes now.