Contact for families with disabled children

Help the team the space to deal with complex queries

The charity with values driven by their families

Contact are a charity that is part of the Sense group and focus on supporting families who have disabled children.

Families with disabled children make them who they are. They drive their decisions, inspire them to get results and create lasting change. This also challenges them to make sure the way they work creates the biggest impact.

There is a desperate lack of services and support for the 620,000 parents in the UK who care for a disabled child.

The vision of Contact is that families with disabled children feel valued and are strong, confident and able to make the decisions that are right for them.

This takes the support of a great team at the charity, but also the resource to offer the best help and information.

More people need more help in difficult times.

The volume of queries always increases, but at times like these, they simply spike significantly, and flexing to take this in can be difficult.

Most of the queries coming into the contact Information and Advice team are general queries that are repetitive and are supported with available information.

The contact centre should really be providing complicated advice and information for involved questions rather than the simple information that is actually available on their website. There is also a challenge around regional variations, even if the queries are exactly the same.

Additionally, most of the information is quite deep within the website content as there's significant content and finding the answer to a question can be quite difficult.

So invariably, people try to call or email in.

Also their audiences include medical professionals who also have their own very specific queries.

Charlie the helpbot is born

With Charlie in post and ready to help, the first task is to make sure contact are speaking to the right people, A lot of queries come in from people they actually cannot support or help. They very specifically provide support for families that have disabled children and not independent disabled adults themselves. For the team to deal with these queries, takes up quite a lot of resource just to refer on.

So one of the main functions was to qualify people out and redirect them to appropriate services.

The solution was also programmed to have a lot of information and advice around managing disabled children

The I&A covered a whole range of information from medical conditions to benefits and support available .

There is even support for referral processes and human handover so that the team can get a very warm transfer, for any queries that can't quite be managed, with the Chatbot itself

Charlie is accepted as a member of the team

So many of the website visitors and Facebook users are talking to Charlie, which is great to see and starts making the business case to expand what Charlie can do and integrate it more into the business.

The acceptance of Charlie the chat bot has been really strong.

The onboarding and training given to the team, has given them the autonomy to keep the Charlie up to date and allow extra content to be added simply and easily.

Also, as mentioned the live chat warm transfer will save significant time for the team when dealing with incoming enquiries.

More skills and embedding is the future

Integration into the CRM is the likely next steps and will help considerably with smoothing the digital transformation process that Charlie is helping with.

We also expect in-line translation to be part of the solution

Charlie can will be able to talk to prospective individuals in any language, to allow better inclusivity across the board. Something that is difficult to do with a human team only.

Overall, Charlie has been very well received and we are proud to have delivered a valuable member of their team.

We feel that Contact do an amazing job and if you think they do too, then please support them, click on the button below to find out how.