CSOB - Voicebot replacing bank's customer service centre IVR

Now handling 200,000 calls per month

Personal and business bank innovating their customer service

CSOB are the largest bank in the Czech republic, owned by the Belgian KBC banking group. They offer both personal and business banking as one of the main high street bank offers for the country.

The countries largest financial institutions with over 3.6 million customers

As a wide banking business, they also provide mortgage, pensions, leasing and investment service beyond the main retail offer. They are now split into three distinct business units, Belgium, Czech Republic and International Markets and have continued to grow with acquisitions adding an additional network of 179 branches.

Agents needed more time for complex queries

The challenge was around the pressure on call centre teams dealing with simple process driven journeys or FAQ type queries. This meant that they were under pressure when dealing with complex or non-standard requests from customers.

Whilst maintaining all security and legal requirements

The challenge was to take that pressure away, increase the efficiency of transferred calls to reduce time overall and increase accuracy.

Ultimately the goals were to save costs and at the same time provide a better customer experience.

Voicebot to take over the IVR role

The main solution was deploying a voicebot to replace the IVR, routing calls via the bot so that it supported the handling of FAQ's.

Linked to banking systems to extend the self service options

In addition to the FAQ journeys the voicebot also handled selected processes, partially or fully automating them to improve the efficiency of the customer experience.

These processes included smart key activation, card limit changes, over-limit withdrawals at branches.

The voicebot was then linked to other banking systems to enable customer identification and authentication, setting appointments at branches and even generating sales leads.

The Voicebot distinguishes between customers that are classed as novice and power users. Novice users are likely to need additional explanation and repetition, where as power users, already acquainted with several processes, are enabled to interact swiftly. If desired, the Voicebot sends text messages with detailed information, with also the function to transfers the call to a customer service representative if needed.

The voicebot was installed as an on-premise deployment with Google speech-to-text transcription the only external tool required. All the implemented technologies and procedures are fully GDPR compliant and secure.

More than 50% of calls were fully automated

With the advanced automated reporting the solution came with, the success of the voicebot was never in doubt. As the voicebot took over the IVR, the time taken to identify the customer request was reduced by 20 seconds.

Cost savings compared to CS agents of up to 65%

Warm transfers increased by 35% and internal call transfers was reduced by 15%

Impressively, more than 50% of calls were fully automated without any interaction from a human agent.

The featured deployed included

  • Call routing - IVR taken over by the bot
  • Sales lead generation - Internet risk insurance
  • Outbound campaigns - unfinished requests for savings
  • Self care educational script - unblocking accounts and debit card limits
  • Live updates
  • Integrated systems - customer identification and authentication, appointment setting

Working with the team to expand and have ownership

Working with the CSOB team, the platform crew showed the business how simple it was to use the platform and CSOB had their own 'Agile team' to add new scripts and update existing ones to make the most from the service to expand the power of the voicebot.

Detailed reporting and analysis allows the expansion.

Integration of new features is now allowing the extension of the original solution to include heat maps, live analysis of ongoing calls and testing modules.

The calls have grown and continue to grow as new process are automated and the customer base find the service easy to use.

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