Europ Assistance - Voicebot for roadside assistance

A voice bot that handles routine calls for this major roadside assistance service.

Europ Assistance - Specialised and tailored roadside assistance

For over 50 years , Europ Assistance have been providing insurance and assisting millions of people around the globe. Their mission statement is that they are a care company, delivered by people is to make customers’ life easier every day providing relief during stressful and difficult situations as well as convenience and safety in their everyday lives.

From distress to relief anytime anywhere

Their vision is to be the most reliable care company in the world. Trust is at the heart of their relationship with their customers and trust is about being reliable at any time, in every circumstance.

One of their key services is roadside assistance and this is where the voicebot has been invaluable.

To be available all the time, without delay or hinderance

The challenge that Europ Assistance laid down was to provide their full roadside assistance service 24 hours a day, whilst also improving availability of the service at the busiest times of day.

Goal to reduce waiting time on the phone

They wanted to increase customer satisfaction and improve road safety for those customers by delivering faster interventions. Additionally, the goal of the project was to increase the time and availability for human agents to deal with the more complex or unusual situations that may arise.

Oh and they wanted to reduce costs across the operation.

Design and build a voicebot to accurately raise a full service request


Maximum efficiency

The Voicebot was design to collect the full information from the customer to enable a quickly arranged tow or assistance. The call was efficiently tuned around the specific situation of the caller.

Call script design

The call script was carefully prepared to match the specifics of the client's situation (conveyed in SIP headers). The delivery of data (registration number, etc.) is validated against the Europ Assistance database to ensure the accurate identification of the customer. At the same time transcripts of the caller's speech (Speech To Text) is transmitted to the team for security reasons.

The caller can communicate the location by text message, or simply by speech.

At the customer's request, the voicebot was built to allow the transfer to a human agent at any time in the journey.

All information already obtained is then transmitted immediately (as a warm transfer). At the end of the call, the full data is transferred via the webservice to Europ Assistance. Once the call is complete all the data is then evaluated in the helpdesk system and actions are triggered.

Impressive service changing results

The Voicebot reduced the average call time by 3 minutes compared to similar calls carried out by human agents, an impressive 4 minutes vs. 7 minutes. The availability of telephone lines supported by the Voicebot was 20% higher compared to lines without the bot present.

Approximately 80% of customers who were assisted by the Voicebot were satisfied with the service. During April 2021, the robot handled 3,092 incoming calls through 3 channels: 38% by people who needed assistance, 17% through their WebApp and 45% by a police officer. Approximately 600, or 36% of the calls were fully self service.

This resulted in a substantial cost reduction.

Expanding the distribution of the solution around the world

The overall project delivered amazing results as you can see, by improving the service and delivery of Europ Assistance in all their main goals and was well received by their customer base.

Going global with the voice automation

So this is why Europ Assistance next steps are to equip their call centres with Voicebots in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland and the USA, as this deployment delivered these remarkable results in a very short period of time.

So talk to us and we can design and build your own scalable and super natural sounding voicebot to help your team and business. Get in touch.