Gymfinity - A chatbot for a growing gym group

A gym with a difference approaching support disruptively

Gymfinity, multi-site gymnastics and ninjas skills for kids

Gymfinity Kids, are the UK’s leading provider of activity-based clubs and nurseries. They offer gymnastics and Ninja classes, holiday camps, parties and nurseries built on the pillars of movement, development and nourishment with the aim of enhancing overall wellbeing in children.

Gymfinity have a unique approach to inspire children to adopt healthy habits from an early age

Their large, fully equipped, state-of-the-art clubs cater for children aged 3 months – 16 years of all abilities and their nurseries, based on-site at our clubs, provide the best care.

As a forward looking activity for kids, they also wanted to embrace anything the could improve their customer service.

How to deal with queries at the busiest times with a skeleton team

They were dealing with large volumes of customer queries that were at irregular hours and with a huge range of questions about the care of clients' kids as well as the common questions around what to expect and how to make sure their experience was smooth.

In addition, to the normal challenges, we had the impact on the sector of the lockdowns and the pandemic in general and reacting quickly and effectively to this was really important.

Supporting and answering high volumes of queries at the most difficult time for this sector was key to this client as they needed to maintain a dialogue with the customers, when they were not able to open and needed to run on a skeleton team.

The challenge also included the fact that they had multiple sites and locations that has a mixed of common and localised information.

Automating the conversation was the only way to go

Fortunately for the team, we had already just launched their chatbot, Roley the Helpbot to provide a host of information about their range of services & sites, and delivering calls to action to either find out more or get involved.

The chatbot is was already a multiskilled member of the team helping with;

  • Immediate responses to inbound enquires24/7
  • Site specific information about the services available
  • Handling a wide range of FAQs
  • Provides engaging media content
  • Handles contact journeys and enquiry capturing
  • Useful navigational links for browsing ease
We needed to react with changes in messages to help with the dramatic changes that impacted the sector.

The conversations were adjusted to deliver the messages that were specific to the deluge of enquiries that their customers were firing in their direction.

Answers available no matter what the situation

With the conversation changed and the focus on dealing with the changing messages and the changing environment.

Roley (the help bot) enabled them to cope with these queries even with a tiny team stretched across the whole group of locations.

This allowed them to still maintain information and for the clients to get their most pertinent queries dealt with.

We continued to maintain dynamic support for the group over this time and keep their message current whilst we came out of the pandemic and their team was back in place.

This whole service allowed the team to spend the time with clients that needed a complex query dealt with.

Multi-site fit for purpose

This was a great example of the gym bot that worked across multiple sites.

With the content being dynamic dependant on the location interest in, were able to deploy a single instance of the chatbot saving money and management for the team, so that it was easy to keep the content current and relevant for the user.

If you are a gym group and you have mundane queries coming into your business, then why not ask for a demo and we can show you what we did for Gymfinity.