New Wave Financial Services - AI Voicebot Molly

See how Molly helps to manage the overwhelming volume of inbound enquiries for self-employed mortgages.

Mortgage specialists who want to deliver the best service

New Wave Financial Services, situated in the UK, is a leading provider of specialised mortgage solutions, catering particularly to self-employed individuals. With a strong digital footprint marked by their website, they have carved out a niche in providing personalised financial advice and services.

However, despite their expertise and commitment to customer service, they encountered significant operational challenges, primarily due to an overwhelming influx of client enquiries. Their commitment to personalised solutions and taking time to care and handle their clients with excellent customer service has meant they are a victim of their own success.


A New Wave of Working was needed

The principal challenge confronting New Wave Financial Services was managing the sheer volume of inbound enquiries about self-employed mortgages. With limited staff resources, the company struggled to efficiently handle these enquiries, leading to a bottleneck in communicating with new enquiries. This situation resulted in missed opportunities, as potential clients often did not receive timely responses, as their focus was around providing accurate and personal guidance to their current client base. This impacted the company's ability to fully utilise these leads.


Mortgage Molly was born and trained in sales engagement

In response to this challenge, New Wave Financial Services innovated by introducing "Molly", an AI voicebot designed to sound natural and engaging. Molly was programmed to make outbound calls to follow upon these enquiries. This solution was fully automated and integrated with the company's existing systems, enabling the voicebot to automatically generate calls from the inbound enquiries.

Molly's capabilities included leaving messages on voicemail, sending SMS reminders and emails where applicable, transferring calls to mortgage experts if available, and automatically scheduling appointments in the company calendar for brokers to attend. Additionally, if clients did not answer calls immediately, Molly was programmed to manage repeat calls until contact was established or deemed unachievable. Every call outcome was meticulously recorded in their integrated system, ensuring a seamless flow of information and follow-ups.

The key features of this solution included:

  • Automated Outbound Calls: Molly was programmed to make outbound calls to follow up on enquiries, ensuring timely engagement.
  • Integrated System: The solution was fully automated and integrated with New Wave's existing systems, enabling Molly to automatically generate calls from the inbound enquiries.
  • Multifaceted Communication: Molly's capabilities extended to leaving voicemails, sending SMS reminders, and emailing clients as needed.
  • Direct Engagement and Scheduling: The voicebot could transfer calls to mortgage experts when available or schedule appointments directly into the company calendar.
  • Persistent Follow-ups: In cases where clients did not answer, Molly managed repeat calls, ensuring every lead was pursued to the fullest.

Molly having and impact on the new business generation

The introduction of Molly revolutionised New Wave Financial Services' approach to handling client interactions. This AI voicebot significantly increased the volume of leads generated, allowing the team to concentrate their expertise on providing tailored mortgage solutions. Molly's efficiency not only saved substantial time for the team but also led to improved operational efficiency and numerous downstream benefits. This innovative approach transformed the way New Wave Financial Services managed client interactions, setting a new standard in the industry for initial customer engagement and lead management. 

Key outcomes included:

  • Increased Lead Generation: Molly was instrumental in escalating the volume of leads, which in turn led to more successful mortgage consultations and deals.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The voicebot's ability to automate the initial stages of client engagement saved substantial time and resources for the team.
  • Broader Impact: Beyond immediate efficiencies, Molly also contributed to various downstream benefits, including improved customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Mollys training will continue

Looking ahead, New Wave Financial Services plans to further expand Molly's functionalities. The focus will be on increasing the range of tasks she can perform and the areas where she can assist in the company's processes. The next step involves integrating a fully GPT-based conversational flow to assist clients in the initial stages of securing a mortgage, leveraging a focused knowledge base. This advancement aims to automate as many processes as possible, enhancing customer experience and streamlining the mortgage application process. 

Plans include:

  • Enhanced Task Range: Increasing the number of tasks Molly can perform, thereby broadening her operational scope.
  • GPT-Integrated  Conversational Flows: Implementing a fully GPT-integrated conversational system to guide clients through the initial stages of the mortgage process.
  • Knowledgebase Integration: Utilising a focused knowledgebase to provide even more tailored and accurate information to clients.