Nirvana Spa dealing with the deluge of enquiries

Chatbot taking some of the pressure off.

One of the leading spa experiences in the UK

Nirvana Spa is the UK is favourite pure water spa with relaxing pools, celestial floatation treatments, thermal suite and spa garden.

Switch off and let any tensions melt away in our spacious, pure water spa in the heart of Berkshire

They have a large membership and also have a large offering of products and services throughout their amazing facility, they are well respected within their sector as a very premium offer and are a great team to work with.

The volume of calls and enquiries needed to be eased.

Particularly as a result of the first lockdown imposed due to Covid-19, the team simply couldn’t keep up with the influx of enquiries and calls.

There was a desperate need to lighten the load of enquiries and cover off those simple to answer FAQs through an easy-to-use medium such as a chatbot.

The challenge was to keep their very high standard in unprecedented times

If we could reduce unnecessary inbound contact, and appease customers with immediate response times this would be a huge win from essentially low hanging fruit.

Rapidly deployed chatbot to handle a changing situation

We rapidly deployed their chatbot, Aqua, to handle these enquiries but also were dynamic enough to keep things up-to-date with the rapid changing of information.

Even with Aqua in place quickly, she still answered a wide range of queries

Aqua is now a trained member of the team helping with;

  • Immediate responses to inbound enquires24/7 providing qualified leads into the sales and membership team
  • Booking and membership journeys
  • Handling a wide range of FAQs
  • Captures customer details through conversational contact forms
  • Keeps guests up to date with changing guidelines
  • Purchase journeys for packages, treatments and vouchers
  • Provides simple navigation and signposting

Pressure eased when it was needed the most

This has been a very effective project for the team at Nirvana. And we've had a lot of changes and differences of approach. But none of this fazed us as Aqua was easy to train and retrain as needed.

With steady usage on the bot now (IRO 170-220 conversations a day), they are keeping ahead of queries that cannot be dealt by Aqua.

As you can imagine, a successful business like Nirvana gets a large number of queries into the business indeed we have now delivered 65,000 conversations since launch with about 500,000 messages responded to with midday being the busiest time how were they get a steady flow of queries up to midnight!

We deployed the chatbot very quickly and the ongoing assistance we've given them throughout means that we can kept the chatbot relevant to their current focus and of course means that they are very happy with the great work the team delivered around the most turbulent trading times we have all experienced.

Adding features and now part of the scenery

As part of the ongoing process and strategy around the how best to use Aqua, we have added new conversational journeys and live chat handover to speak to the team, as well as scheduled times that Aqua is available.

There is so much flexibility within our platform that we can meet any of their operational preferences and we have continued to support them through some tough times.

Speak to us if you want to talk about a chatbot in your business.