sketch London - Michelin Star Chatbot

Producing a chatbot suitable for a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant

sketch London a fun restaurant with high standards

A magical forest. Chairs wearing ballet shoes. Hot pink sofas as far as the eye can see. If a restaurant had just one of these things, customers would be pretty intrigued right now. But when this place has all of these things, and a Mayfair postcode to boot, people are practically straining at the leash to get inside. sketch is the creation of restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and celebrated chef Pierre Gagnaire, and every inch of it practically begs to be Instagrammed.

A hub of four separate restaurants, each with their own spectacular design and accompanying menu

On top of this they have been awarded 3 Michelin Stars so there standards of some of the highest in the industry and that does not just extend to their food.

Having a restaurant that is different generates questions.

As unusual as sketch is as a dining experience, it's challenges are not different to most highly thought of restaurants.

They still have the daily queries about bookings, dress codes, dietary requirements and similar requests. Added to that, the complication of 4 different and unique restaurants in one and you have a business that generates a multitude of questions that are typically fielded by phone or email.

They are probably the busiest restaurant chatbot that we have to date.

As this whole experience is like Alice in Wonderland, sketch have a huge amount of different questions that go beyond your standard restaurant, so all in all they get literally hundreds of queries at a day.

With this being fired directly at their reservations team, they were swamped by simple enquiries that did not need to be handled personally on the phone or by email.

Making a chatbot as precise as the client need

We rapidly built their chatbot when the restaurant was opening up again, to deliver Michelin star answers for a range of complicated queries and signposting to allow the team to deal with personal service and detailed enquiries.

Our chatbot is now a multiskilled team member delivering service to their exactly standards.

Because of the diversity of the restaurant there was significant work in making sure that each experience was covered and the content was easily accessed with either some obvious buttons, but on the whole it was driven by NLP to deliver the right answers to the context of the queries.

We did this with a light touch from the team that was just content or specific questions that we needed to understand and to make sure that the language used was correct to the sketch brand.

We also delivered this with the close scrutiny of their security and DPA departments, ensuring that our EU hosted solution was compliant and met their stringent in house standards.

So the proof is in the pudding, literally

It was a real surprise to all of the team and indeed ourselves (biased or not) how successful and how engaged the sketch audience were with a chatbot helping with their queries.

Typically a chatbot will take 30% of the traffic of a website and answer there queries via conversational assistance, we see some higher statistics with some clients, but sketch was higher again and looks to be the primary point of contact for queries across the business now.

The client reported that they were convinced that we had dealt with 90% of the queries that could be predicted and it is looking to be pretty accurate in that regard.

Also and more importantly, sketch had a noticeable reduction in calls into the business against a rise of bookings. These are the sums that we like to see and make a very compelling arguement.

The future is bright

We have continued to support the team at sketch and as always we monitor their conversations and responses to make sure that we are keeping the high standards and answering the customers correctly.

With the exciting world of sketch, we always have something new to add and amend so that the message stays as fresh as their service. The team have the tools to do this themselves with the simple admin that we have delivered and generally do any day to day changes.

We work closely with them on these changes and are always on hand if they reach out for any wider changes to the service.