Teachbox TEACH - Fully offline capable Android app

Delivering teaching to remote communites around the world.

625 - Helping remote communities around the world

625 are specialists in health, welfare and emergency responses that have brought that expertise and experience to their TEACHBOX project.

A proudly independent organisation with no government, religious, or political affiliation, operating internationally without bias.

The team at 625, work all over the world delivering skills development and planning for large regional services from Gambia to Abu Dhabi and back to the UK.

Effective training in remote locations

The challenge was how to deliver effective qualitative and quantative training to change lives in some of the hardest to reach communities in the world.

The problem with these communities is the lack of affordable internet access, the access is expensive and in many cases non-existent.

We are committed to developing and delivering solutions that are sustainable in economic, environmental and social terms.

So digital solutions are hard to impossible to deploy and update. With data gathering that is unreliable and very slow to do at scale.

This means that the quality of training to these communities is simply not as effective as it could be.

Fully offline capable application- TEACH

The solution was to build an application, Teachbox TEACH, that was fully digital and available in places that have zero or very little internet.

As well as delivering digital media and controlled training programmes, the application needed to capture the data from those sessions, including changes in learning outcomes that could be reported back to the government and health organisations that sponsored the training and rollout programmes.

Applications are very internet reliant, they can tolerate small outages, but these were to be used for days and weeks at a time without access.

So, we built that resilience into a secure and mobile application and control platform that allowed the field workers and trainers to deliver complex and rich media courses. Delivering quality training to people that simply had not previously had access to this type of training or resources.

The application was built and targeted for lower tech Android versions, so that regionally available tech was able to access the materials and applications.

Delivering training across remote communities

The application has been used within Central Africa and Cambodia to date, giving a truly digital classroom experience to people that have the greatest need for this support and transfer of knowledge.

The Kenyan MoH has an ambitious plan to train over 130,000 health workers. This will be hard to achieve considering costs, travel and vast distances between the remote and hard to reach areas. Using TeachBox will allow us to easily achieve our aim earlier than the 2030 target.

We are very proud that our application work has already had an impact in these regions and will continue to increase over the time.

All controlled by teams in the UK and the local regions via the PORTAL and CREATE applications that were also part of the project.

Expanding the technology to the app suite

After the initial build of Teach Box TEACH, which was designed as a classroom first solution, we have since moved onto building a dedicated data gathering applications in Teachbox DATA and remote self learning and testing application Teachbox LEARN.

These are currently also working alongside the original application with an extended version of PORTAL.

625 will always strive for continuous improvement through robust quality assurance systems, post-delivery impact reporting and internal audit.