Sports Club Chatbot

Sports Club Engagement

These demos are a catalyst for ideas on how a chatbot could be used in your organisation.
This example shows some simple messaging and journeys around a sports club journey as a mock up.
This simple example is connected to some simple news feeds to keep the information up to date.
The power of a chatbot like this is the automation of content and information from your systems so that you can site back and watch, whilst the bot does the heavy lifting.
Your team can then just concentrate on some strong media or content that can be sent to the segmented data within the system.

A few key roles and features may include;

  • Supporter support - answer standard queries 24/7
  • Live updates - goals, matches and club news updates
  • Silent sales - tickets and merchandise system integrations
Total engagement of your fans within Facebook or on your site 24/7 365 without you lifting a finger.
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Video credit:: Thanks to our friends who produce the best video content for TV or social at Standby Productions in Manchester
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This one is thanks to our friends at Standby Productions in Manchester who produce cracking films for TV, online and regular social content from 600pm. They created this for New Era and Manchester United!
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