Travel Business Chatbot

Capture their imagination

These demos are a catalyst for ideas on how a chatbot could be used in your business.
This example shows some simple messaging and journeys around a travel holiday journey as a mock up.
This simple example is connected to some travel blog information that is live and updating, as well as including some very short and sharp lead generation conversations as well as some more gentle approaches.
The power of a chatbot like this, is to provide your audience with specific information on locations or holidays that they are personally interested in. Personal travel stories and offers that are just available via the bot or similar.

A few key roles and features may include;

  • Lead generation or booking integration with GDS systems
  • Travel blog updates and great personalised blog updates
  • Multiple language bots to allow you to go world wide
Give your bot the content feed and it can do the hard work and keep in touch with your audience when they are available.
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