New to ChatBots?

Chatbots are the biggest growth area in business for new communication and client engagement. This innovative and powerful tool can make the difference between a follower and a customer.

Chatbots are here and ready for business

A growing innovation for organisations

Chatbots have been here for a little while now, but are really ready for business. They are being used in strength now by the most innovative businesses in the UK. The scope for uses in your organisation is growing daily, simply because they are an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to manage in a friendly style any role that follows everyday conversations that people have from phones to websites and everywhere in between.

  • Always available
  • Always learning
  • Controlled quality
  • Fully scalable
  • Giving your people time to do higher value work

How simple are they?

OK there are different ranges of chatbot as they cover a huge amount of different roles, so for come clarity, we have split them down to 3 levels. Here they are

  • Hello how can I help? - I am your simplest form of chatbot. I will answer some FAQ questions conversationally and will capture some form data , that type of thing and then pass you on when it get too complicated.. Pretty cool.
  • So what information do you need? - I can answer some more searching questions about my account from a knowledge base and allow you self servicing. Useful and taking a proper load off, your team.
  • Ask me anything? - I am fully integrated and can pull out complicated information and converse about a wide range of subjects. Very chatty and helpful and could even be transactional.

Chatbots across a huge range of chaNnels


If you already have a large Facebook following or are looking to build one and users can’t get an instant response from your messenger, then this is the perfect use case for deploying a chatbot to zhuzh up that customer experience and catch them while they are engaged.

As consumers are now spending more time in messenger apps than other social platforms, make sure you are playing in the same space as your target market!

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Google Assistant/Alexa

Have you ever conducted a voice search through OK Google or Alexa? As you might be aware, more and more consumers are conducting voice searches, and with the adoption of voice assistants and smart speakers continuing to rise, it's more important than ever for brands to consider their voice optimisation strategy as there’s still a first mover advantage to be gained.

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Do you find that you receive a lot of the same inbound enquires and staff are either spending time writing up the same things over and over, or copying in the same templates? Well the great news is that you can deploy a bot to do a first read on these messages and emails and provide consumers with an immediate response if it’s something they have seen before, providing your customers with an awesome customer service experience, and saving your staff time.


With over 1.5 billion users globally, its easy to see that this channel has a huge potential to reach consumers and is primarily an untapped market for businesses. Gaining access to the preview WhatsApp business API is a long and difficult process, however, help is at hand as we can take care of the submissions and approval processes on your behalf to get your WhatsApp strategy off the ground and rolling.


We all know it’s not the most fun thing as a customer to go on a website and struggle to find the information you need or see a ‘talk to us’ box only to open it up and it’s a leave your email scenario and we’ll get back to you – normally in that situation, you can lose interest and try to find another provider.

Don’t miss the opportunity with that customer by deploying a chatbot on the website to help individuals get the information they need quickly, easily and at any time of day. And if your chatbot gets stuck with a question, there can be a seamless hand-over to a human to help get their query resolved and keep that customer engaged.

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Lots of Roles and Jobs

Lead generation

Deploying chatbots can redefine your customers experiences by improving response rates, engagement as well as capturing existing and prospective customer interests for future campaigns. This can generated incoming enquiries from your engaged audience and ultimately convert into new business.


With the addition of an FAQ module, enable individuals to gain quick access to the information they need to engage with your business or resolve a customer issue, without the need to call in or scroll through lengthy FAQ web pages, saving them time and effort all-round and importantly creating a happy customer experience, giving you brand loyalty points and improved NPS.

chatbot for booking


Take your prospective customers through the buying process. Ask them qualifying questions to help understand which of your products or services would be most relevant before serving them up the most suitable options and a simple way to buy.


Use your chatbot to collect Opt-ins from your already engage audience and use push notifications to create a hyper targeted campaign providing offers and information about upcoming events straight to their device. The open and click through rates through this channel are astounding, so it’s a great way to monetise your following!

So many ways to use a chatbot

You can use a bot anywhere there is a conversation in your business. Think about the calls, email and online chat that your business fields all the time. Even the questions and conversations inside your business can be managed from training to resources and information.
So as you can see this could be incredibly powerful, but also they can start and build from a simple entry point and see how a disruptive technology can work without the pain.
We have provided below a snippet of the use cases that apply to a selection of sectors. Of course these are only a few examples

Want to know more?

Sector Use Cases for CHatBots


For travel and tourism the challenge is to stand out from the crowd and having an interactive bot could be the way to go.

  • What to see around about
  • Services or Experience details
  • Engagement of any characters of interest
  • Time and Date Booking information


Obviously the sales process would include a whole range of use cases

  • Conversational Ticket selling
  • Payment
  • Ticket presentation
  • Closing the sale
  • Full information about the experience from the conversation.

After Sales

Once the sales are made then again the support of your customer can be assisted:

  • Event calendar
  • Upselling
  • Preview of experience
  • Directions and timings
  • Even travel information or weather information

Loyalty & Support

Keeping those customer loyal to your experience is important and with timely comms it can be achieved

  • Queries about the visit
  • Engagement about the experience post visit
  • Simple support like lost and found
  • Details of 12 month membership benefits


Automation within eCommerce is huge and introducing friendly automation that is integrated is powerful:

  • Suggested product - like a personal shopper
  • Discount and promotions in social networks
  • Testimonials
  • Easy product finding


The sales process for ecommerce is not longer confined to the site - you can buy via chatbot even if you are in Facebook.

  • Product comparisons based on AI logic
  • Order processing
  • Easy payments
  • Close the sale with information relevant

After Sales

Post sale there are always many opportunities to build more value into the customer and this is an effective space for a bot.

  • Direct Upselling
  • Cross selling recommendations
  • Capture customer reviews
  • Updates on new seasons

Loyalty & Support

With a loyalty and support task, the chatbot can fill a number of roles to be effective and versatile:

  • Answer Queries in general
  • Self service account
  • Delivery updates
  • Manage complaints


Food and hospitality is very reactive to location and experience type, so examples are:

  • Location once integrated into social apps
  • Details of menu or availability
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Current waiting times


Booking are the driving force of this business sector and a chatbot can bring that together in a friendly format.

  • Conversational table or accom bookings
  • Helping to close the booking
  • Easy payment
  • Pre booking details

After Sales

For any hospitality business the repeat business is important and this is the stage to engage that:

  • Repeat booking conversations
  • Events or discount updates
  • Latest service updates
  • Seasonal promotion

Loyalty & Support

Getting the loyalty and support right is always important and as a follow on from the aftersales you could:

  • Support queries
  • Manage complaints
  • Run loyalty schemes
  • Account management


For business services the marketing uses can include any of the following;

  • Advice on products
  • What People Say
  • Lead Generation
  • Qualification of a lead


For business services you can then use a bot for a sales process to:

  • Nurture the relationship
  • Set follow ups or meetings
  • Support the closing of a sale

After Sales

A useful addition to the business is the after sales support that you can get including:

  • Updates on products
  • Added value services
  • Renewals of service
  • Reporting

Loyalty & Support

The loyalty side of any business model is paramount and chatbots can assist with this

  • Supporting queries
  • Self service support
  • Knowledge base internal and external


Insurance has wide uses from a marketing perspective, some of these may include:

  • Advice on product types
  • Customer feedback
  • Checking eligibility
  • Characterisation of mascots


The sales process is one of that largest areas that insurance can take advantage of chatbots:

  • Conversational quoting
  • Comparisons with reviews
  • Queries during the sales process
  • Full policy transactions

After Sales

After sales are an important and sometimes under supported part of the insurance industry:

  • Self service claims
  • Cross sell to other products
  • Policy queries
  • Self service claims

Loyalty & Support

Keeping the customer with 24/7 support from anywhere is more cost effective that get new policies.

  • Customer service queries
  • Social queries
  • Customer knowledge base
  • Vendor self service (eg. vets)


Marketing of your charity is a big area and is increasingly expensive when most of the conversations need to be manned.:

  • Virtual advisor on activity
  • Linked in with case studies
  • Characterisation of mascots to attract younger audiences


During the subscription cycle or donation space there are a number of options to use a chatbot

  • Conversational donations
  • Queries along the process
  • Confirm the payments and schedule
  • Capture data for opt in

After Sales

After sales is an important part of the charity process as there needs to be constant engagement where possible:

  • Updates on activity
  • Cross sell to other activity
  • Engagement across all social platforms with same bot

Loyalty & Support

Making it easy to engage and find out where someone money has gone and to provide a better awareness of their contribution:

  • Continual knowledge base
  • Self service of account
  • Character engagement
  • Reporting and performance

Try Them Out - Simple Demos

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Sports Fan Engagement

Here at Disruption Works we can provide you with the perfect fan engagement tool through the power of a Facebook messenger chatbot – Engage, interact, update and monetise.

Be there with them

More and more fans are on chat while watching the game, whether they’re in the ground or watching from home. Engage with fans as it all unfolds, the highs, the lows and all the drama in-between.

Attention seeker

Your bot never stops, no matter how many questions from no matter how many users. Provide fans with instant responses, whenever and wherever, and the great news, is its easy to use, just like texting your friends! (Except the bot texts back ;-) )

Keep me posted

Send out handy reminders about upcoming fixtures or ticket availability – Let the fans know when you have offers and deals on seats and kit. With up to 85% open rates it’s a great way to effectively get your voice out there.

International Appeal

Many sports brands have international appeal, however, translating whole websites can be a clumsy ordeal. Life’s easy with a Facebook chatbot as we can convert FAQ’s into numerous languages for your international fans to enjoy.