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Digital Transformation at its core

And why you should be looking at this now.

Using Smarter Digital Tools with AI and Machine Learning

Transforming Value Inside Your Business

Inside is the key to this statement. The digital world is transforming and the value that is coming from the race target and the great advantage of AI or ML is adding value from redesigning processes and systems inside your organisation.. Developing that difference is where we come in, so that your organisation can;

  • Make your data a core piece of infrastructure
  • Realise the potential of AI and ML
  • Prepare you for the next evolution of digital expectation
  • Manage the social consequences
  • Develop your future digital and human framework

Delivering Definable New Advantages

To capture that value, there are some tangible paths to build your pathway to getting AI and ML working for you such as:

  • Perception - get a handle on what is happening live across your organisation without noise to allow you to decide on better outcomes
  • Automation - understanding and delivering what processes are always done and done again
  • Suggestion - recommended actions that are live and relevent
  • Prediction and Prevention - getting to the holy grail now.
At Disruption Works, we use technology to make us more human not less.

Realising Potential

So what is the potential for this?

  • AI and ML allow systems to learn from supervised examples, using real-time data and learning enough to repeat that process indefinitely even with complex tasks
  • Transformational but also personal, US early examples now show real positive outcomes for individuals in real-time for areas such as addiction and treatment.
  • UK Gov BEIS is actively promoting the advantages of ML and AI in procurement processes.
  • Disruption Partnership Programmes can allow you to realise this potential today.
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Preparing the future

The future is here and the challenge is now getting down to building the nuts and bolts, for your next step from skills to general support.

  • Understanding the use of data and new digital concepts
  • Creation of informed pools of users to allow the absorption of new tech into the organisation.
  • Building advanced skills in the use and deployment of AI/ML
  • Have access to support that helps business to understand the value of data and ML
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The Social Change

So how do you manage the disruption to your business. It is clear it is going to be disruptive, but we want to release your people from robotic jobs and allow them to be more human.
We will always ensure that the way we work with data respects and aligns with privacy and consent laws.
The Royal Society has highlighted the need for careful stewardship as we develop the potential of machine learning and we at Disruption Works will ensure this is at heart of all the change projects we undertake.

The Impact Could be Here for you

What Your future Framework Could Look Like


Data is a live space now and has a capital value in its own right and should be treated as such. Similar to buildings and people.

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The how, when and where of how AI or ML is to be deployed to meet strategic objectives and how they are to be measured.

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With the changing shape of task management, how will roles and skills need to be reconfigured and what is the support mechanism for it.

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To make the most of results that come out of the data when systems are applied. There should be a dessemination strategy to harness the new information

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Plugging into the research should be a clear development plan as this would be a simple miss not to continue the initial work when new information and opportunities develop from the research

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How these change with the impact of managing a whole new set of data with new controls required and the managing of social impact or consequences where applicable.

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