Innovation Partnership Programme

Working with you to realise the potential of your business.

Getting Innovative

The innovation partnership programme with Disruption Works has been developed and is worked out in conjunction with the UK Gov R&D relief. Allowing research and development projects to be deployed in partnership with businesses and organisations that are keen to innovate and research new ways of working and protecting against today's fast moving landscape.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology has now matured enough for a business to use in realworld solutions effectively and adding real value to your whole organisation.

We are extending this to some sector initiatives around RPA and chatbots, and each case is dealt with on it own merit and application for that sector with some discount available to the right candidates.

The Right Partnership

Organisations are sometimes reticent to innovate because of the initial cost and finding the right partner. This is where we feel that our Innovation Partnership Programme really comes into play.

We are looking for organisations who have a need or process that they wish to automate, data that they need to have a better insight about or even are looking for a simple entry point for AI into their business..

We work with our partners on any aspect of AI and ML from large data solutions to simple conversational chatbots to try to bring innovation into their organisation.

Part/Match Funded Programme

The benefits of doing this with Disruption Works, is that your step into innovation can be part or match funded from our internal programme that is linked to the UK Gov Innovation relief.

This means that you can have AI or machine learning developed and deployed in your business with reduced initial investment but with all the benefits that is available from the latest technology.

Become a Partner

The first step is just pick up the phone, we are not about red tape we just want to do strong and exciting work with the right people. So if you feel you might have a suitable project to be a partner, please don't hesitate to contact Steve Tomkinson on 020 7741 0200 or simply ping us a message.

We look forward to breaking some new ground with you

Become a Partner

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