New Ways

Using our analysis of your data and workflows. We can deliver new ways of working for you and your team from Perception (what is happening now) through to Automation and Prediction scenarios with suggestions along the way. All using the power that is now available to organisations.

Working It Out

One size does not fit all. As with any organisation, there are unique challenges with each system and legacy that you may have in place. Some of it may be an emphasis on automation, some may be working on prevention. These we work out with you and your team before we start or pilot a project.


Apart from our wealth of experience in systems and business process, the access to powerful and scalable technology has been the catalyst to bring this to all businesses and organisations. Using the like of Microsoft AI services, we can base services within the UK but access some very powerful processing.

At Disruption Works, we use technology to make us more human not less.

What you are waiting for?

If you are simply not sure whether this is for you, or how this may work for you, just get in touch.
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At Disruption Works, we use technology to make us more human not less.

Step By Step to Get to Your New Way of Working

To understand what the options are for optimising your organisation to a new way of working, we simplify the steps into the following. These allow us to broadly communicate at the start of the process, what areas we can affect and how that may impact your organisation. Also it allows us to provide that step by step improvement in phases to ease your whole organisation through the cultural change that any work like this would have.


Finding out what is happening now from lots of converging systems and data is vital.


The notification is based around giving you what you need to know now.


As the process is more informed there should be a stage of recommendation.


Pretty simply this boils down to what should you always do?


The smarter we get, the more we can say what we expect to happen for a scenario


Important but sometime overlooked, what can we avoid.

some interesting FACTS

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