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What we Do for you

building GPT and LLM
into your business

We can now build your chatbot or voicebot with the power of Open AIs', GPT and Large Language Models (LLM) built in. But now using your own information and content as the source!

  • ChatGPT & VoiceGPT
  • Wide range of content from website to video
TAlk to us now

WE Build Chatbots or voicebots with integrated GPT to improve customer experience & Productivity

Your customers have rising expectations and those that meet them will get ahead, we can help you with waiting times for customers support on simple queries and relieve pressure on staff resource managing incoming or outbound communications as well as numerous other benefits. All these can be automated with the power of technology such as Open AIs GPT framework, now available.


Chatbots are used to provide immediate response to inbound enquiries. We build your chatbot for you so it works from day one and deploy it across all your popular channels.

  • Using the power of GPT - tuned around your own content & information, and not the internet, your own little powerhouse answering accurately from Web/PDF/Video content
  • Website & in-App - the primary and most popular starting point, we allow your site to be conversational.
  • Facebook & Instagram - we help you to manage your community comms with automated conversations.
  • WhatsApp - increasingly popular channel for business with huge potential.

Speak to us now… or our chatbot Marvin. 😉


These are highly sophisticated Voicebots that can interpret complex sentences, to manage calls end to end. We fully design, build and deploy to deliver full self service journeys, in and out.

  • VoiceGPT the next generation- connected up to your own content and information, that your customer can now talk to!
  • Truly natural sounding conversation - world leading natural conversational design and flow.
  • Introducing LiveTranslate - Realtime bi directional translation via the phone, speak to anyone in their native language. - Read More
  • Huge cost savings - voicebots provide a significant saving in cost per call resolution and reduced cost per minute.

Hear our how natural our voicebots sound!

development and automation to improve
your business process efficiency


There are not enough developers in the world today and we expect your in house teams have roadmaps that push years not months into the future!

You can work with us on peripheral projects or full software development solutions, we are delivering those and everything in between.

  • Project Based Delivery - traditional defined development, for full projects or module as part of a team effort.
  • Bespoke project and support - development projects that include full ongoing future support
  • Dedicated developer for your team - our developers in your team, dedicated to your day to day requirements

See how our development team can help you deliver.

Process Automation

Known as Robot Process Automation or RPA. These administrative bots take on the mundane and repetitive tasks. Freeing up your human workforce to do higher value tasks.

A massively positive impact to your team, not only allowing bot to take the robotic processes from the team, but also allowing your people to be much more satisfied in role.

  • Productivity improvement - bots can process data and perform tasks far quicker than a human.
  • More accurate - with repetitive tasks the accuracy can be poor and a mistake can be costly.
  • Cost savings - if your processes are automated then you can save time and money within your team.

Take the robot out of your human workforce.

At Disruption Works, we use technology to make us more human not less.

LATEST news and comments

Introducing LiveTranslate: Disrupting the world of global communication with Real-time Language Translation via Phone Calls
August 14, 2023 3:06 PM

Imagine enabling your teams to speak hundreds of languages instantly, using the power of AI? We are introducing our new product LiveTranslate, where you can have a bi directional conversation that is translated live whilst simply talking on the phone

Empowering the utilities - Voicebots Enabling Seamless Customer Interactions and Smart Cross-Selling
July 20, 2023 2:09 PM

Recasting various aspects of customer interactions, from meter readings & service calls to early debt collection. Voicebots are empowering utility companies to raise the bar on the customer experience as well as provide important new revenue streams.

Revamping Retail CX: The Power of Voicebots in Customer Service
June 15, 2023 12:15 PM

Sophisticated AI-powered systems that interact with customers using natural language have emerged as a game-changer in retail, This article explores the myriad benefits of voicebots, with a special focus on use cases like: WISMO and service calls.

The Company we Keep

We have been fortunate to partner with some great companies and these are some of the latest that we have engaged with across our services and offers. We are not sector specific as we have some really flexible solutions, however we have done some great work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, across insurance, retail, healthcare, sport, leisure businesses and charity organisations

Contact for families with disabled children
Age Cymru - For healthy aging in Wales
Age UK Norwich logo
Ark Schools
Atlanta Group client logo
Chotto Matte Logo
sketch london restaurant client logo
Nirvana Spa client logo
Beauty Bay client logo
Clockwork Soldier - imaginative create and play
Seiko client logo
Go Ape client logo
Queen Park Rangers - QPR client logo
Brentford FC client logo
Healthcode client logo
Infrastructure Gateway client logo
625 Client logo
Towergate Insurance client logo
Honeywell client logo
Europa Insurance Group client logo
gymfinity client logo

Latest Podcasts

Check out our podcasts

Podcast logo

We have regular podcasts in and around our areas of expertise, with a variety of subjects from self service approaches technology, chatbots, voice bots, automation and development. Look out for our guest thought leader spots, where we will talk to business leaders that have a disruptive approach to how they deliver their products or services or deliver self service journeys

The Intelligence Revolution Podcast

With the development of technology over the last 20 years we have moved from the Information Age to the Intelligence Revolution and are just starting to see what is possible and where this might lead us. With a forecast of over 38 billion devices collecting data, we are in a new innovation cycle that is moving at a pace that is scary, exciting and downright amazing. Gavin Jones and Steve Tomkinson bring together outlines and snippets of what is coming and how that might impact you and your organisations, with guests that specialise in different areas of this accelerating technology.

Or check out our previous Disruption Works Chit Chat podcast

Disruption Works Chit Chat, talks about some specific features, use cases and case studies that we use and have used for our clients around chatbots, voice bots & automation. How these impact business and some specific challenges or sector stories to help anyone looking to engage with this technology.
It is all light hearted and just a chat, so we called it Disruption Works Chit Chat!

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some interesting FACTS


real world savings
between human agents and voicebots.
*actual client data


reduction in call times for customer calls overall.

*actual client data


is the average cost of a conversation for one of our restaurant clients.
*actual client data


responses delivered so far for our busiest chatbot to date.

*actual client data