Automating your customer conversation.

What is a chatbot and why do they work?

Chatbots are used to automate the conversation between you and your customers, providing them with instant responses and delivering an awesome customer service experience. Your chatbot can help with all sorts of things within your business, here are a few examples to get you thinking:

  • Answering FAQs
  • Helping with bookings or purchases
  • Customer signposting and navigation
  • Mitigating risk and loss of customers
  • Lead generation
Roles that chatbots can fill

It’s been shown that if you can provide your customers with an easy and quick way to deal with their enquiries, this will directly translate into increased sales.

Chatbots can be deployed wherever it makes the most sense for you and your customers, whether that’s on your website, or in social channels such as Facebook messenger.

Your chatbot is on hand 24/7 to support your customers, but if someone needs that extra bit of help, there is always a seamless handover to a human.

Chatbots in leisure and hospitalityBuild Only Option
Chatbots are now becoming and integrated member of your team.

Savings calculator

The important question here is how much can you save the business by employing a chatbot in your team.

Marvin, can provide you with a quick calculation to work out how much you could save on incoming enquiries alone.

If you have been talking to Marvin already, you can pick up your conversation or Ask him for the "savings calculator" and he will start you off.

Audience Engagement

With a truly engaging platform and content when and where the customer wants it…..….You start to build, engage and convert that into revenue and simply a more efficient customer experience and service to your audience.


Building your audience is important to any business or organisation. This is not something that is normally attributed to chatbots, but they can help with this.

  • Broadcast your message
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Lead generator
  • Instant enquiry response
  • Customer details captured


Increasing engagement is increasingly more important as we all become digital natives and those that are not need the time from your team.

  • 24 hour customer service
  • Around 70% enquiries handled
  • Digital shop assistant
  • Fun engaging and easy to use
  • Excellent customer service experience


Being in touch with your customer requests is very important and converting them is about experience and knowledge. So here a chatbot can be vital.

  • Convert customers effectively
  • Saves on staff time
  • Inform future campaigns
  • Full analytics dashboard
  • Monetise your social following

Solutions and Roles for your Bot

We build chatbots to fulfil or help to support specific roles in your business. Remember that a bot is also flexible and can learn many jobs, but here are a couple of obvious ones.

Customer Service Bot

Over half of customers now expect and want a chatbot as part of the customer service experience. Make that switch for your customers, it is easy with a simple entry point bot you can really make a difference.

Deliver a remarkable experience from order tracking to all those FAQ questions that your team get asked all the time, a bot can do this. Self-service is also a great addition and your customers are now happy to do this with a chatbot, saving your valuable team resources for where it matters.

Sales Agent

Never miss another sale by getting your bot to present your offer at any time that suits them.

Personalising the experience and progressing leads or purchases so that you can sell more because you make it easy.

Talk to us now about our new physical world initiative, linking your real-world store to the chatbot, so that it can give your customer support in your stores at scale of course!

HR Bot

If you can release your HR team from the mundane and repetitive processes, they can concentrate on what they do best.

If you have an onboarding process then a chatbot can go through that process for you and guide your new team member through a friendly process, handing all the information over to you when finished.

Submit timesheets, CVs, holiday requests, sick reporting and update your central HR system or pump out data. It is up to you.

Marketing Bot

Excite your audience with personalised campaign from segmented data that is captured and personalised based on the user activity.

Reach out with content through the bot via social media like Facebook Messenger, delivered as a push notification, these are powerful and have incredibly high open rates and conversation statistics.

Get the bot to be your automatic marketer.

Automated customer service bot
Sales automated agent
marketing bot
HR chatbot

Sector Use Cases for CHatBots


For travel and tourism the challenge is to stand out from the crowd and having an interactive bot could be the way to go.

  • What to see around about
  • Services or Experience details
  • Engagement of any characters of interest
  • Time and Date Booking information


Obviously the sales process would include a whole range of use cases

  • Conversational Ticket selling
  • Payment
  • Ticket presentation
  • Closing the sale
  • Full information about the experience from the conversation.

After Sales

Once the sales are made then again the support of your customer can be assisted:

  • Event calendar
  • Upselling
  • Preview of experience
  • Directions and timings
  • Even travel information or weather information

Loyalty & Support

Keeping those customer loyal to your experience is important and with timely comms it can be achieved

  • Queries about the visit
  • Engagement about the experience post visit
  • Simple support like lost and found
  • Details of 12 month membership benefits


Automation within eCommerce is huge and introducing friendly automation that is integrated is powerful:

  • Suggested product - like a personal shopper
  • Discount and promotions in social networks
  • Testimonials
  • Easy product finding


The sales process for ecommerce is not longer confined to the site - you can buy via chatbot even if you are in Facebook.

  • Product comparisons based on AI logic
  • Order processing
  • Easy payments
  • Close the sale with information relevant

After Sales

Post sale there are always many opportunities to build more value into the customer and this is an effective space for a bot.

  • Direct Upselling
  • Cross selling recommendations
  • Capture customer reviews
  • Updates on new seasons

Loyalty & Support

With a loyalty and support task, the chatbot can fill a number of roles to be effective and versatile:

  • Answer Queries in general
  • Self service account
  • Delivery updates
  • Manage complaints


Food and hospitality is very reactive to location and experience type, so examples are:

  • Location once integrated into social apps
  • Details of menu or availability
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Current waiting times


Booking are the driving force of this business sector and a chatbot can bring that together in a friendly format.

  • Conversational table or accom bookings
  • Helping to close the booking
  • Easy payment
  • Pre booking details

After Sales

For any hospitality business the repeat business is important and this is the stage to engage that:

  • Repeat booking conversations
  • Events or discount updates
  • Latest service updates
  • Seasonal promotion

Loyalty & Support

Getting the loyalty and support right is always important and as a follow on from the aftersales you could:

  • Support queries
  • Manage complaints
  • Run loyalty schemes
  • Account management


For business services the marketing uses can include any of the following;

  • Advice on products
  • What People Say
  • Lead Generation
  • Qualification of a lead


For business services you can then use a bot for a sales process to:

  • Nurture the relationship
  • Set follow ups or meetings
  • Support the closing of a sale

After Sales

A useful addition to the business is the after sales support that you can get including:

  • Updates on products
  • Added value services
  • Renewals of service
  • Reporting

Loyalty & Support

The loyalty side of any business model is paramount and chatbots can assist with this

  • Supporting queries
  • Self service support
  • Knowledge base internal and external


Insurance has wide uses from a marketing perspective, some of these may include:

  • Advice on product types
  • Customer feedback
  • Checking eligibility
  • Characterisation of mascots


The sales process is one of that largest areas that insurance can take advantage of chatbots:

  • Conversational quoting
  • Comparisons with reviews
  • Queries during the sales process
  • Full policy transactions

After Sales

After sales are an important and sometimes under supported part of the insurance industry:

  • Self service claims
  • Cross sell to other products
  • Policy queries
  • Self service claims

Loyalty & Support

Keeping the customer with 24/7 support from anywhere is more cost effective that get new policies.

  • Customer service queries
  • Social queries
  • Customer knowledge base
  • Vendor self service (eg. vets)


Marketing of your charity is a big area and is increasingly expensive when most of the conversations need to be manned.:

  • Virtual advisor on activity
  • Linked in with case studies
  • Characterisation of mascots to attract younger audiences


During the subscription cycle or donation space there are a number of options to use a chatbot

  • Conversational donations
  • Queries along the process
  • Confirm the payments and schedule
  • Capture data for opt in

After Sales

After sales is an important part of the charity process as there needs to be constant engagement where possible:

  • Updates on activity
  • Cross sell to other activity
  • Engagement across all social platforms with same bot

Loyalty & Support

Making it easy to engage and find out where someone money has gone and to provide a better awareness of their contribution:

  • Continual knowledge base
  • Self service of account
  • Character engagement
  • Reporting and performance

Try Them Out - Simple Demos

Travel DemoRetail DemoInsurance Demo

Chatbots across Your chaNnels

Consumers are now spending more time in conversations on messenger apps than other social platforms, so they like this format of information sharing, so make sure you are playing in the same space as your target market and delivering that experience!


Browsing habits are changing, and users hate the struggle to find the information they need. Deploying a chatbot on your website, not only provides immediate responses, but also gives users an easy way to navigate to the relevent information.


If you already have a large Facebook following or are looking to build one and users can’t get an instant response via Messenger, then this is the perfect use case for deploying a chatbot to zhuzh up that customer experience and catch them while they are engaged.


With over 1.5 billion users globally, its easy to see that this channel has a huge potential to reach consumers and is primarily an untapped market for businesses. You can now use your chatbot logic on WhatsApp and we hold your hand at every step of the way.


Instagram is a highly popular social media platform amongst the younger demographics. Managing this community can be particularly resource heavy. Take the weight off your teams by automating your DM's using your chatbot.

some interesting FACTS

60% of customers expect to be able to contact a business via messaging
63% of customers say that quick issue resolution is the top tick for good service
65% of customers will not wait more than two minutes for assistance
120% growth in self service chatbots across business expected in 2020

Our Clients

Here are a few clients that have our chatbots in their business. We have been lucky to work with some great people in these businesses and as you can see there are a variety of roles and tasks that a chatbot has help with for these clients..

Beauty Bay client logo

Beauty Bay : Retail

A large international cosmetics brand that have a huge customer service requirement and we have been able to help them.

Automated Customer Service AgentAutomated Marketing Agent
Nirvana Spa client logo

Nirvana Spa : Spa & Health

A highly thought of spa and health club business that have an all round bot that deals with sales and customer service.

Automated Sales AgentAutomated Customer Service Agent
gymfinity client logo

Gymfinity : Gym group

A growing group of gyms that are aimed at active kids. This progressive team are using our platform for signposting and support.

Automated Sales AgentAutomated Customer Service Agent
sketch london restaurant client logo

sketch london : Restaurant

sketch are an amazing client with 3 Michelin Stars! We are providing a bot to help with a range of CS, sales and marketing roles.

Automated Customer Service AgentAutomated Sales AgentAutomated Marketing Agent
Go to our client page

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