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Friday, June 18, 2021
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Gymfinity Kids is the UK’s first quality Gymnastics & Ninja Knights club . A multisite activity club group all over the UK, keeping their customers up to date is a challenge across the different locations. Roley the chatbot does just that!

The client:

Gymfinity Kids is the UK’s first quality Gymnastics & Ninja Knights club offer fun and exciting activities for babies to children aged 16 across a range of sites across the UK.

The challenge:

To many multi-site organisations it is important to have that central content but also be able to provide site specific information.

As information has changed so rapidly over the past 18 months, the team needed a better way to communicate these changes to their members that were seeking the latest updates whilst removing the need for customers to call or email in to achieve this.

On top of this Gymfinity Kids were keen to provide a fun and innovative brand outlook.

The solution:

We built the Gymfinity Kids chatbot, Roley the Helpbot to provide a host of information about their range of services& sites, and delivering calls to action to either find out more or getinvolved.

The chatbot is now a multiskilled member of the team helping with;

- Immediate responses to inbound enquires24/7

- Site specific information about the services available

- Handling a wide range of FAQs

- Provides engaging media content

- Handles contact journeys and enquiry capturing

- Useful navigational links for browsing ease

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Steve Tomkinson
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