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Friday, June 18, 2021
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Nirvana Spa is the UK’s favourite pure water spa, with a huge clientele that want the best support and latest information about their services, our chatbot came to the rescue and helped them through the busiest periods.

The client:

Nirvana Spa is the UK’s favourite pure water spa with relaxing pools, celestial floatation, treatments, thermal suite and spa garden.

The challenge:

Particularly as a result of the first lockdown imposed due to Covid-19, the team simply couldn’t keep up with the influx of enquiries and calls.

There was a desperate need to lighten the load of enquiries and cover off those simple to answer FAQs through an easy-to-use medium such as a chatbot.

If we could reduce unnecessary inbound contact, and appease customers with immediate response times this would be a huge win from essentially low hanging fruit.

The solution:

We rapidly deployed their chatbot, Aqua, to handle these enquiries but also were dynamic enough to keep things up-to-date with the rapid changing of information.

The chatbot is now a trained member of the team helping with;

- Immediate responses to inbound enquires24/7

- Booking and membership journeys

- Handling a wide range of FAQs

- Captures customer details through conversational contact forms

- Keeps guests up to date with changing guidelines

- Purchase journeys for packages, treatments and vouchers

- Provides simple navigation and signposting

Posted by:
Steve Tomkinson
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