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Friday, June 18, 2021
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The client

sketch is a popular three-star Michelin restaurant situated in the heart of London with a real passion for food, art and flair. Their team always deliver the best experience for their customers from the food to their service.

The challenge

As with any restaurant, they have a large volume of daily enquiries, mostly of a repetitive nature and a drain on internal resources.

The team were stretched by the simple enquiries rather than concentrating on the experience and personal service they were renown for.

So, the challenge was to provide afunctional and simple service to improve the CX, increase

bookings and provide immediate responses to these questions.

The solution

We rapidly built their chatbot to deliver answers for a range of complicated queries and signposting to allow the team to deal with personal service and detailed enquiries.

The chatbot is now a multiskilled member of the team helping with;

- Immediate responses to inbound enquires24/7

- Booking journeys

- Handling a wide range of FAQs

- Shows a variety of menus for different experiences

- Handles contact journeys and enquiry capturing

- Live chat handover and management directly with the reservations team.

Posted by:
Steve Tomkinson
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