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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Often businesses like to keep their cards close to their chest, especially when it comes to new technology. Now although I'm not going to name the client, I wanted to share with you their chatbot success story.

It was fast approaching the online retail peak which happens between Black Friday and Christmas (In the days before COVID-19).  During this time, the business would typically look to recruit a number of temporary staff to help with increased demand. These new team members would require training to enable them to help deal with the influx of customers eagerly chasing their orders.  

So not really work that is conducive to driving additional sales but nevertheless it helps with the customer service experience.  But this client wondered if there was a better way, a way that would allow them to harness the power of technology to provide their customers with an innovative, instant and 24/7 customer service experience.

Enter Chatbots, the perfect way to provide their customers with instant responses to their enquiries, playing right into that messenger space that millennial's and Gen Z are most familiar with (as well as being a frictionless way to start a conversation). But not only is the bot helping with general enquiries, it is integrated into their parcel tracking service to give eager customers the latest update on their order status – something that has become even more important during the delays caused by COVID-19.

Deployed on their website's help page and on Facebook messenger, their chatbot has now become the number one channel for customer enquiries across all their platforms, overtaking everything from emails, form fills and even social media from Instagram to Facebook. We have also deployed their French chatbot and Germany will be soon.

They have seen a very positive impact on the business from using the chatbot and also through the feedback they have received (Which was collected by their chatbot!) this has enabled them to make the business case to invest further in their chatbot, with improvements and optimisation to make it even stronger. This is also directing the plan of where their efforts will be most effective on the development roadmap to increase the self service workflows that the bot can handle.

Of course once their chatbot has been taught these new skills, it will never forget and it will provide the same excellent standard of service every time and for every customer, no matter how many it needs to deal with at any time.

To date, this helpful customer service chatbot has sent over 1 million messages to customers, saving bags of valuable staff time and reduced the time customers are waiting for replies, meaning their chatbot story has been a huge win win all-round.

Posted by:
Sean Bussell
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