Healthcare – how to take away the pain of calls into your trust or group

Monday, September 21, 2020
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Healthcare needs to be smarter and maybe voice bots can smooth some processes and provide scalable flexibility?
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The rise of calls and incoming enquiries into Healthcare is simply escalating at this time and trying to scale and manage the sudden spikes in demand are just impossible. This leaves the likes of the NHS an extraordinary challenge, how to fund it, how to manage it and how to staff it.

The whole thinking around this needs to be smarter, and voice bots can take a huge load off the incoming call volumes and smart solutions can even manage outgoing call volumes,

We have been working with our partners on voice bots in healthcare and the success has been fantastic. Currently, our voice bots are deployed in managing appointments and getting test results. This is secure and managed in exactly the same way as the human agents that would do similar work.

With the nuanced language control that are in our bots, we can make the patient forget they are talking to a bot and simply deal with their enquiry quickly and effectively.

The hospital group GVM s.p.a, that we are dealing with in Italy have now rolled this out to their whole group in Italy that is over 30 hospitals in different regions in the country.

The use cases for this are extensive and as we can be very reactive and deploy quickly, it means that the service can cope with the scale and dynamic change effectively when everything seems to change on a daily basis.

There are a wide range of high volume processes that we can envisage this being effective for around Covid-19 these could include some of these main processes;

·     Specific diagnosis of Covid-19, understanding the outcome and then processing tests delivery or bookings

·     End to end contact with even outgoing calls to give results to the patient directly.

·     Dealing with the volumes of incoming enquiries chasing results and pulling out their results.

·     We could see the option of helping to deliver track and trace alerts via phone without having to rely on apps but an inclusive technology that covers most of our population, phone lines.

These are some simple high-level use cases, but when you have these challenges there are dynamic and reactive solutions that can make the difference. With this now a proven technology, the only challenge is to consider the use cases that suit your organisation.

If we can transform the interaction with patients and take out the majority of the robotic functions and give them to a robot, the efficiency of that system increases exponentially.

Food for thought for any healthcare organisation when the world is trying to stay afloat. Another disruptive approach that really works.

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Steve Tomkinson
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