Helping clients through COVID-19 with a chatbot

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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When the Government had to take drastic action to minimise the spread of COVID-19, many businesses had to immediately shut their doors, revenue stopped literally overnight and businesses had to make the tough decision to Furlough staff or worse yet let them go.

But how do you manage that situation when you still have customer enquiries to deal with and when your expectation is that on the other side of lockdown you will be inundated with even more enquiries? At the very least you might need an easy way to keep customers posted without the need to completely update your website each time!

To help out during this period and beyond, Disruption Works quickly built a chatbot for this client to help manage enquiries, particularly those born out from the global pandemic, which as you can imagine were all fairly similar! But with the deployment of a chatbot, these concerns and questions could be easily dealt with 24/7, whilst also being able to advise how to get hold of a human when needed.

The great news is that as we’ve slowly started to come out of this period and as the situation and information changes, the client has quickly been able to login to their chatbot to update the content in just a few minutes and publish that information instantly. Keeping customers up to date and of course importantly, continue to provide an excellent customer service experience.

Further to this, they can now start to harness the conversational power of their chatbot to drive sales and calls to action,enabling them to re-engage their customers and make up for lost time and revenue!

Posted by:
Sean Bussell
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