How do you get traffic to your chatbot to improve ROI

Friday, December 3, 2021
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Chatbot implementation on your website will increasingly benefit your company if consideration is given to driving clients towards it and convincing them to use it. You must consider the visibility of your chatbot..

Is your company thinking about implementing a chatbot on your website? Have you already done so, and you are wondering how to put it to best use? Wherever you are in your chatbot implementation journey, it is vital to be aware that a chatbot can be a much more helpful addition to your company if you can drive increased customers to it.

Given that chatbots take time and money to create, how do you get the most efficient return-on-investment (ROI)?


Some businesses promote their chatbots loudly and proudly, while others quietly implement them and have them passively waiting in the corner for client interaction.

If you want a chatbot to benefit your business, you need customers to know they exist. That means that while it can be tempting to perfectly style your chatbot icon to match your company branding and have it sit neatly in the bottom right-hand corner of your page if it does not stand out in some way, it may be overlooked.

Don't go in for a halfway-house approach. Commit to working with your bot. Designing your chatbot with some form of call-to-action, such as a speech bubble, some small movements, or an automatic pop up, can make it more obvious to clients that your business would like you to interact with the feature.

Educate Customers

Your business should assess what queries are coming in daily. Your chatbot can be programmed to help with all common queries, particularly anything that can be answered logically, such as obtaining tracking numbers, providing contact addresses, or answering frequently asked questions.

Once implemented, you need to educate your customers to know they can get questions answered online by your chatbot. This helps redirect customers away from your email inbox or telephone lines, which in turn frees up staff.

A popular option for website design that tries to drive traffic to the chatbot is the use of banners that essentially declare, "Hey, I'm here to help!"

Don't forget to implement a strategy on your social channels too. Your audience is unlikely to spend much time on your webpage, but they may frequent social media daily. Have your content constantly remind customers that your chatbot is there to help them, whatever their query.

Informed conversations

Chatbots help to prevent unnecessary contact, but sometimes customers will still need to speak with you. When the time is right, a chatbot will allow customers to be transferred to a call centre or have the details of their query emailed to your staff. Furthermore, if the bot is appropriately implemented, the entire record of the customer's query should be passed along.

Ensuring this occurs prevents customers from needing to repeat their questions and becoming frustrated. Be sure to have integrated systems that allow a smoother resolution of their query.

Not only does this result in a happier client, but it saves hours of your staffs time, allowing you to redirect them to other tasks. This represents a considerable saving in costs, as staffing levels can remain low while expanding your existing capabilities.

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Sean Bussell
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