How Social Bots are ruining the internet

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
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So how on earth could this be a thing? Well the problem is that chatbots and bots in general are a technology that is really powerful and can do some really amazing tasks.

The problem comes when we get bots in the wrong hands. An interesting article from the guys at Chatbot Life, they outline how the accounts on Twitter and the like are significantly represented by bots. In fact a massive proportion of the those accounts are twitterbot automated.

There is now talk of a pidemic” on Twitter.

The good news is that we are getting AI to deal with it and this could soon change how this works using a program called GPT-3. So this could be the start of the clean up, but of course the powerful chatbot and bot spaces can still be a force for good, but just watch this space.

Take a look at their article and see what you make of it.

How Social Bots are ruining the internet | by ELMARDINI | Jan, 2021 | Chatbots Life

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Steve Tomkinson
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