Jude the Chat(bot) is now live on Facebook and qpr.co.uk!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020
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We are not always blowing our trumpet that hard, but we are a bit excited about our latest chatbot. For the great team at QPR who are under all sorts of pressure at the moment.

They are using the bot to keep their fans up to date across all their services, from shop orders to season ticket enquiries and of course when on earth are they going to be able to play again.

With the difficult operational issues that the guys have at the moment, the chatbot 'Jude' will be able to provide a fun but helpful interface with the club, with some plans to extend it once they are operational again.

We are happy to help the team at this time and have provided the bot without charge whilst times are tough and actually really needed. So go and take a look at Jude and have a chat - just remember it is not a real cat...

Here is the post they put on their site : Jude the Chatbot

If you are a club that we have not already reached out to, then please get in touch and talk to us about what we can do at this time for you.

Posted by:
Steve Tomkinson
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