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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
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Why not get friendly customer service at any hour? With a proven track record chatbots are now the core responders for retailers in the know. Is it on your roadmap or why should it be? #chatbots #retail #ecommerce #customerservice

With a proven track record in the retail and ecommerce space, chatbots are now a core first line response and service for your customers.

In a recent study with one of our clients, their chatbot has not only become the primary communication channel for them, but 65% of the users found it really helpful and well received.

So that is pretty impressive, especially as the majority of the rest were more concerned around the fact that our bot did not magically deliver their order 😉 we have not yet integrated our chatbots with drones but that may come of course!

With over 65% totally accepting that this is a great tool, where can it fit into the retail space? Well the answer is, pretty much anywhere!

Taking our own examples, we are now integrating full customer service bots that can answer queries about orders, fully service order amendments and requests from end to end. We are even generating appointments for 1 on 1 video calls with a sales agent to sell to them directly. This is being done, not just in the UK, but also in other languages across Europe as well, centralising the effort and development.

Really a chatbot in your business is too powerful a device to ignore. In these times, it is simply accepted as a convenient and useful tool for your customer, as well as for your business.

So it follows as the stats around usage are compelling. Disruption Works retail and ecommerce chatbots are literally dealing with messages in the millions and customers in similar volumes, so they are not just well received, they are actually used heavily. This not only means the inevitable cost saving but also increases in NPS for the brands involved as the customer has had their query dealt with when they want to do it.

Most retailers would like to be more responsive, reduce costs and increase efficiency in their customer service or sales teams. So chatbots have to be a strong choice to do some of that heavy lifting. The approach is really to take a view on the most painful points for your customers and deal with them first, then the ideas and evolution of the bot flows from there.

Integration is the key and allowing your customer to self service. They have the convenience of simply getting their order changed, tracked or whatever and have done the work themselves with a little help from a bot. The list goes on here are a few pain points and opportunities that are already being dealt with for retail businesses;

  • WISMO - of course the number one query, live updates without the requirement for typing in tracking numbers and the like
  • Last minute order amendments - live warehouse calls to ensure that a parcel has not gone past a point and update live
  • Returns/Faulty - automatic refunds based on scenario and product
  • Missing/Damaged - managed process with human at the end of the process if needed
  • Sales alerts - for items that are now in stock
  • Inspire marketing journeys - based on customer persona
  • Personal one on one assistance via video for support or sales

Of course the great thing is that the effort put into a chatbot can be included across a whole host of media from your mobile app to the website and maybe social media such as Facebook messenger.

The competition is already rolling these out and Disruption Works are helping brands such as Seiko and Beauty Bay to taking the pressure off the teams, the world is changing and the speed of chatbot adoption is extraordinary, especially with all the pressure we have been under recently, so it is time that retail businesses take this very seriously and firmly cement a chatbot on the roadmap.

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Sean Bussell
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