Spa and Leisure are experiencing a huge increase in queries, so how can a bot help?

Friday, September 18, 2020
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How do you manage the deluge of queries that are hitting business, when staff resources are stretched. A chatbot could be the answer. #chatbost #spa #leisure

As with any business, there are always numerous queries coming in from customers and clients. The general rule is that IRO 70% of all these queries are the same day in and day out, so there is an opportunity to answer these quickly and simply using a chatbot.

However, in recent times and for the foreseeable we are seeing a deluge of queries coming in across several sectors and the Spa and Leisure industry is a very particular sufferer in this regard.

As it turns out, the percentage of common queries at the moment is about the same if not more predictable in some cases, but the challenge is that against reduced team resources how do you cope? Also, you have the important mission of avoiding haemorrhaging customers that simply cannot get dealt with?

We have seen some real success with clients in this sector that were overwhelmed before gearing up their chatbot to start taking on some of the load.

One client had an initial deluge of over 3,000 queries in one week, that simply swamped them, and they came to us to quickly setup a chatbot to get built, trained and deployed in short order.

This dealt a huge number of queries quickly and effectively, we tweaked this as it ran for a few days and it answered a whole host of queries. Any that could not be dealt with end to end we then forwarding onto the team with full information so that they could be simply dealt with and actioned.

Even now their bot is dealing with 250 customers a day. We are still in a world of questions!

The key to this process is getting a starting point on the questions that are being asked. If your business is not logging these now, then get onto it. Most understand anecdotally what are the most asked questions, but a lot simply do not have anything definitive and that can sometimes show some surprises.

Also, a huge error is expecting to have everything handled from day one, whilst we get a good selection setup, we will also build data of what is missing and add that over time. The customer get a friendly fall back message and then it simply capture the query and we close the gap.

We hold our clients’ hands every step of the way so it is not as daunting as it may first appear, this enables us to have something up and running quickly and easily update it as it goes along.

The leisure industry has been hit so hard over this period and needs to be smarter, and some of the great companies we work with like Nirvana Spa and Gymfinity for Kids in this sector doing just that.

The important thing is to simply get started and grow and add more to the bot as you see the potential and how it can be really effective in your business.

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Sean Bussell
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