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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Our chatbot is already a seasoned retail assistant for any ecommerce business. With ecommerce accelerating, how do you keep up with the levels of support that your business, now requires? How about looking at the CV of our chatbot as a new starter?

As the rise of ecommerce has been accelerated through 2020, the number of queries coming into retailers has been pushed online as well.

So how do you manage that step change in communications cost effectively and still give you customers great customer service. Well the answer to that is getting a chatbot on the team.

Our retail chatbot is already a seasoned retail assistant and understands how to provide a really good level of service to customers.

For the sake of this article, let’s call our chatbot ‘Rita’ (we have had a couple of Clives a Roley and a Jude!) and look at the CV and see what Rita can do from day one.

Curriculum Vitae

Rita the Chatbot


I am a particularly hard worker and am happy to always be available to help customers and try to solve their problems.

As you will see I am proficient and experienced in a number of roles and responsibilities, but I am always ready to take on new challenges and skills. Once I learn a role I never forget and can repeat that role to the same exacting standard again and again.

I can honestly say that I am one of the best multi taskers that I know and can deal with a huge number of customers at the same time and not all with the same enquiry.

I am a great communicator and team player so if I encounter something that I have not yet been trained in, I will capture all the information from the customer quickly and accurately and pass it onto the team, so they can be supported efficiently.

I am also very happy using a very wide range of different systems and technology from ERPs, CRMs and Social Media channels to name a few.

Skill and Responsibilities

My current skills and responsibilities are the following;

  • I am actually the main/first point of contact for customers for one of my roles
  • I deal with general incoming customer questions about the most common customer services enquiries that just need simple answers
  • I help customers track their order with friendly questions and looking up using a number of third party parcel services
  • I also help people to get the latest status of their order, especially at busy times when the warehouse is busy. Here I use a third party system to look up the warehousing information. I also allow for extended delivery slots based on order dates when it is really busy.
  • I also manage amendments and address changes to orders by looking up orders from various order systems and the pushing amendments and delivery changes to the system
  • If someone has a damaged or faulty item, then I capture all the information and forward it to the right team including an order lookup and selecting an item to report. I can also take in a picture of the item as well
  • If someone has a missing or wrong item, I can follow a similar process and even process a refund if the value is within my authorisation.
  • Cancellations of orders or items is another area I get involved with. Before I can issue a cancellation, I check where the order is within the warehouse system to avoid cancelling something that it is too late to cancel
  • Returns and unwanted gifts. I also help in the management of this process to help a customer easily return an item or order that they are unsure of.
  • Sales assistant. Aside from my customer service head, I can also take on a more inspirational journey. With friendly choices and favourite product choices from our products to inspire customers to buy or take more at a look at products
  • Setup sales expert calls. I also sometime arrange direct video calls with sales experts so that they can demo products ‘face to face’ or answer expert questions that they are trained in.
  • I also have to enter all my data into central customer management applications from ticket management to unified comms platforms
  • I answer queries from customers that come in via our website, social media and even text. Helping to also reply to comments on Facebook posts via Messenger.
  • I also make sure that every conversation has feedback if our customers want to leave it and that has been very useful to understand what people might want me to learn and how I am doing.
  • Although my list of jobs is long, I always pass customers over to my team if they have better knowledge than me and I cannot answer the question straight away. Usually handing over to live-chat or even into a contact management system.

Current employers include a couple of large brands, Seiko UK and Beauty Bay. References can be provided on request.

Bit of fun

Ok so that was a but of fun, but well that was actually quite interesting to write out the skills of our retail chatbot. It makes you think how diverse a chatbot can be and also how much of our clients would have normally had their teams managing, especially at busy time like now.

Oh and Rita has an over 65% approval rating that would be much higher but for the fact that the most common frustration for the lower feedback was really that their parcel is a little delayed! Hey you know it right?

Rita/Bob/Jojo or whatever you want to call it, is ready to go and can be deployed really quickly. So surely you can justify the business case of a chatbot that can handle a huge volume of incoming enquiries? What are you waiting for?

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Steve Tomkinson
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