Why is now the right time for a chatbot.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
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How can a chatbot help your business, your customers, and simply better equip yourself for the future?

Why is now the right time for a chatbot.

How can a chatbot help your business, your customers, and simply better equip yourself for the future?

No doubt, as many businesses might be preparing for lockdown, their teams are being overwhelmed with enquiries about existing bookings, appointments, refunds and reschedules, this would have been the perfect use case for a chatbot (which can be quickly and easily updated) to take on the heavy load and manage the large majority of questions.

Of course, if you haven’t got a chatbot already, it is too late to have one to deal with the deluge of current enquiries. But taking sometime now can help as the situation changes. There will equally be as many enquiries about your reopening and there is still time to do something about that. Just act now and a chatbot can help your stretched teams as soon as it is switched on.

But what about the other side of lockdown? Your chatbot could be on hand to deal with these questions, help drive new bookings and help ensure you capture as much revenue as possible to make up for lost ground.

I think in the best of times a chatbot is a great idea, but when you are in the trenches, you need to furlough staff but you know that will mean your customers get a really poor and slow experience, deploying a relatively low cost chatbot across your website and Facebook Messenger to help seems like a bit of a no brainer.

It might be better to take a different approach to lockdown this time round, where before this was all a bit new, many staff were put on furlough and progress stopped. What about using this time productively to get a chatbot and come out the other side more innovative, more ready and able to provide a better customer experience.

Here at Disruption Works we are always happy to have an open and honest conversation about what’s possible and what is the best approach to take.

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Sean Bussell
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