Winners of the Product and Service Innovation Awards 2020

Thursday, May 21, 2020
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We are so proud of our client Healthy Pets Insurance on receiving this special judges award from the 2020 Product and Service Innovation Awards for improving customer experience. They are a great team to work with and it was a real team effort.

They generously included us in the thanks for this great result and it is always superb, when this kind of partnership with a client really pays off.

The award confirmation from Healthy Pets Insurance

Healthy Pets Insurance, now part of Towergate and Ardonagh Group have been clients of ours for a couple of years now and it truly is a partnership as the lovely message from the client really puts into perspective.

"On behalf of all of us here, I wanted to share the great news of winning this award, our entry/success involved all of our hard work, with improvement to the customer experience and the use of data analytics which has given us the great results – Thank you." - Shanine Collins, Head of Operations and New Business

So well done to Healthy Pets and we are looking forward to some exciting projects coming up.

Posted by:
Steve Tomkinson
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