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Most businesses have digital processes within their operation. Whether it's data from excel to enter into a accounts or updating a CRM with incoming data, these processes operate under a fixed set of rules therefore, a prime candidates for automation


Most businesses will be happy to see 2020 gone and look to 2021 as an opportunity to wipe that slate clean. But we know it is not going to be as easy as that. So I look at the winners and losers and how tech has and will change fortunes. #bots


Getting a robot in your business is an easy business case to sell and as the technology is now so proven, why would you not. Insurance is a prime sector crying out for it. #RPA #DisruptionWorks #Insurance


Everyone 'knows' that RPA brings with it lots of benefits when integrating into a company's IT strategy. But what do you really 'know'?


RPA is being increasingly used by a multitude of companies to complete repetitive tasks efficiently - both in time and cost.


You'll almost certainly have heard of Robot Process Automation, or RPA. But what do you know about it?