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Customers who fail to keep their appointment cost the business large sums of money in lost revenue and waste funds, waiting for the client to arrive, Automating this via voice will not only help this pain point, but there are many other benefits too


Voice automation bots are becoming increasingly common in most industry sectors. In banking, insurance, and financial services, they are used to provide customer support and advice.


Disruption Works discuss flexible comms and the need for innovation with Ollie Jackman from Agile Comms and how smart thinking about the necessary comms systems for an organisation can result in significant financial savings.


Now we are implementing voice and chatbots providing larger fonts for those with visual impairment, a range of in-line translations for communities seeking access to online services and voice-only solutions so no waiting on the phone. Find out more.


Imagine if a building you managed could talk. Well that is totally possible today for FM companies that are prepared to innovate and deliver A1 service to their clients. Hello Dave... sorry I cannot do that Dave....


Most businesses will be happy to see 2020 gone and look to 2021 as an opportunity to wipe that slate clean. But we know it is not going to be as easy as that. So I look at the winners and losers and how tech has and will change fortunes. #bots