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QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in linking the physical and digital worlds. While the technology is nothing new, the way we are using it is, with the experience becoming much smoother in modern smart cameras, you can now talk to them.


The Google live chat function is a relatively new service that brings together several Google tools. Businesses need to opt into this powerful product via the "My Business" dashboard. However, once set up, it provides a fantastic way to connect.


At Disruption Works, we talk a lot about the value of chatbots and voicebots to an organisation. Generally, we speak about general benefits to the company, its staff, and its customers. But how do these break down into numbers? We discuss tangible..


Let's strip back the conversation about chatbots, and look once again at the basics, to uncover exactly what a chatbot is, what they can be used for, and answer the common questions surrounding this technology. It's all about helping your team.


More and more charities are leaning on the time saving benefits of chatbots to redeploy staff in a more meaningful way. Our new charity clients at Disruption Works, agree that their people have never been a more precious resource than they are now.


Lead generation has always been a complex issue, but never more so than now. The customers are the same people they have always been, but their habits have changed, with less desire to call & a preference for easy-to-use apps, websites, and chatbots.