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Imagine enabling your teams to speak hundreds of languages instantly, using the power of AI? We are introducing our new product LiveTranslate, where you can have a bi directional conversation that is translated live whilst simply talking on the phone


Recasting various aspects of customer interactions, from meter readings & service calls to early debt collection. Voicebots are empowering utility companies to raise the bar on the customer experience as well as provide important new revenue streams.


Product recalls are inherently unforeseen, so reacting traditionally can be a problem. Voicebot's ability to interpret speech, identify keywords, and engage in dynamic conversations makes them ideal candidates for orchestrating recall communication.


The retail landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, technology is shaping the experience we have today, We venture into the intriguing realm of black sites, where just-in-time groceries and fast food meet cutting-edge technology.


Voicebots are transforming training, offering a way for organisations to administer training in a standardised and engaging manner. With voicebots, employees can practice interacting with simulated scenarios and learn, supported by the bot.


Digital self-service tools are rapidly transforming the healthcare industry, enabling patients to manage their health and wellbeing in more convenient and accessible ways. Key drivers of this trend have been the rise of healthcare apps and voice bots


In the last 25 years, the world of communication has undergone a massive transformation, with voice technology playing a pivotal role in shaping the way we interact with machines. We will take a look at the evolution of speech recognition and AI bots


Debt collection is a difficult subject to be positive about, but it's a perfect business model for this technology. With our AI Voicebots, they’re able to simultaneously handle much larger volumes of calls, but still just like a human agent would.


QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in linking the physical and digital worlds. While the technology is nothing new, the way we are using it is, with the experience becoming much smoother in modern smart cameras, you can now talk to them.


The Google live chat function is a relatively new service that brings together several Google tools. Businesses need to opt into this powerful product via the "My Business" dashboard. However, once set up, it provides a fantastic way to connect.


Let's strip back the conversation about chatbots, and look once again at the basics, to uncover exactly what a chatbot is, what they can be used for, and answer the common questions surrounding this technology. It's all about helping your team.


Exciting new project on the horizon, we are discussing the options of using user uploaded pics to identify species and log their location, range and numbers by using AI image recognition to bring back species and conservation info for the user