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The Google live chat function is a relatively new service that brings together several Google tools. Businesses need to opt into this powerful product via the "My Business" dashboard. However, once set up, it provides a fantastic way to connect.


Let's strip back the conversation about chatbots, and look once again at the basics, to uncover exactly what a chatbot is, what they can be used for, and answer the common questions surrounding this technology. It's all about helping your team.


Exciting new project on the horizon, we are discussing the options of using user uploaded pics to identify species and log their location, range and numbers by using AI image recognition to bring back species and conservation info for the user


Imagine if a building you managed could talk. Well that is totally possible today for FM companies that are prepared to innovate and deliver A1 service to their clients. Hello Dave... sorry I cannot do that Dave....


A really exciting new “voice-activated museum,” called the Planet Word, has been built in Washington DC. Bringing together some really innovative installations with words to show how powerful they are and how they change to words really are #chatbot


For a fan of bots, you would not necessarily expect this article from myself. Well it isn't mine, but it is interesting all the best and puts into stark outline the problem with automation power in the wrong hands. #chatbots #chatbotsforgood


An interesting look at the healthcare tech sector. We understand that we need to push harder with the use of tech solutions in healthcare but what happens to the data and how does that colour the decisions and growth in this area?


AI has been helping the fight against the coronavirus for weeks, from drone deliveries to automated catering for those in need.


Could AI-based voice technologies help those in self-isolation?


Technology has proved itself to be an amazing ally in the fight against coronavirus in the last few weeks.


An interesting read here on the potential of AI and RPA, when the two join forces.


Bots are doing their bit to help with the global coronavirus pandemic.