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Imagine enabling your teams to speak hundreds of languages instantly, using the power of AI? We are introducing our new product LiveTranslate, where you can have a bi directional conversation that is translated live whilst simply talking on the phone


Sophisticated AI-powered systems that interact with customers using natural language have emerged as a game-changer in retail, This article explores the myriad benefits of voicebots, with a special focus on use cases like: WISMO and service calls.


The retail landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, technology is shaping the experience we have today, We venture into the intriguing realm of black sites, where just-in-time groceries and fast food meet cutting-edge technology.


Digital self-service tools are rapidly transforming the healthcare industry, enabling patients to manage their health and wellbeing in more convenient and accessible ways. Key drivers of this trend have been the rise of healthcare apps and voice bots