Robotic Automation

Automation where possible and human where it counts

Allowing your team to be human

With the current times affecting the way that we think about our teams and where they win or lose. Do you think your business is ready for the new expectations?

No one likes to do repetitive and mundane tasks while sat at their computer, and the truth is in many cases that they don’t need to be. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to automate those tasks.

Starting your road to continuous improvement.

  • Streamline business process
  • Improve accuracy and compliance
  • Remove the mundane
  • Staff focused on higher value work
  • Save time and money with clear ROI
Find out How a bot can help your team

Process automate can alleviate the pressure on your staff so they can concentrate on higher value, more rewarding tasks, all of which combines to create a more productive, more efficient workplace, which also means a better service to your customers.

We make it easy to understand how and where you can start on your automation journey, providing an end to end solution from feasibility, to deployment as well as providing all the on-going support to ensure automation is a success within your business.

We are building a bot team to support your team.

Solutions and Roles for your Bot

You might already be fully aware of the process in your business that you think should be automated, recent times have highlighted a good amount for most businesses. However, here are some other examples that might help get your thinking.

Admin Bot

A process bot that does mundane admin for your team.

Typically, within a business there are lots of tasks that are repetitive and mundane.

An admin bot can be used to speed through these process, whether its running regular reports or data input, bots can deploy to quickly take care of this work, accurately and reliably.

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Automated customer service bot

Customer Bot

Automating workflows to deliver speedy customer service.

A great example is when a customer wants to renew their service, which in turn triggers a series of workflows that are manually dealt with.

With a customer bot we can record these inputs to automatically take care of the process, meaning rather than a convoluted process,  an employee could simply click ‘go’ and the bot will do all the leg work, saving time and effort without making any input errors.

HR Bot

Onboarding and helping staff with simple accuracy and efficiency.

Whether its staff onboarding or finding a great way to conduct a staff survey or employee health check, then a bot can be deployed to automate all the leg work for you.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen digital workers used to send out surveys via SMS and email to help employers understand the health, location and work status of their workforce. The feedback is then anonymised and aggregated and displayed on a dashboard and distributed to leaders.

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HR chatbot

IT Bot

Systems all present and correct, all the time, every time.

A bot can take on many roles within IT to help save time and create efficient processes.

This can include such things as data transfer from legacy to new systems (something which usually delays the roll out of new systems) but can also include more day to day tasks such as password resets.

And everyone has been there on that one!


We are really happy to work with a great range of sectors and people on some really interesting projects. We work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, across insurance, retail, healthcare, sport, leisure businesses and charity organisations

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some interesting FACTS


of businesses have
already started to
automate processes

*Deloitte RPA survey


already automating
expect significant
increases in investment in RPA
*Deloitte RPA survey


of companies will not automate because of lack of process clarity


of RPA opportunities are being missed by businesses
*Big data hadoop

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