Digital Transformation at its core

And why you should be looking at this now.

Developing Transformation to Your New Way of Working

To understand what the options are for transforming your organisation to a new way of working, we simplify the steps into the following. These allow us to broadly communicate at the start of the process, what areas we can affect and how that may impact your organisation. Also it allows us to provide that step by step improvement in phases to ease your whole organisation through the cultural change that any work like this would have. We work with you on a strategy that is personal to your business.



Finding out what is happening now from lots of converging systems and data is vital.



The notification is based around giving you what you need to know now.

Suggestion idea


As the process is more informed there should be a stage of recommendation.

Automation working


Pretty simply this boils down to what should you always do?



The smarter we get, the more we can say what we expect to happen for a scenario



Important but sometime overlooked, what can we avoid.

At Disruption Works, we use technology to make us more human not less.

Process and approach

Where do we start?

Each organisation has their own unique challenges. Understanding what they are and where in that journey of service to your end customer or internal client we can add the most value is the starting point for us.

Data is the key and how can we make this diverse?

Every business or organisation has data and that will always be at the heart of your process, but to make smart decisions that data needs to be significant. We design and deliver innovative and diverse routes to collecting data with full buy in from the data sources. This gives you a model that can build enough data to give you the outcomes you desire. Remember, data is not just an asset is now becoming your infrastructure as important as property and people.

Supervising the result?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models start off as your new member of staff and they need to learn. Once it learns it never forgets, it never needs to take a break, it is always there. But it does need that supervision before it can be let loose and that supervised learning is managed by your team with our guidance and helps you get to where it can take its first steps.

Getting the team on board?

Training and seminars on the benefits and change that is going to part of the disruption are something that we take part in, to ensure that you have some assistance in the impact of this approach. It can be exciting, but of course people are nervous of change and we can support you in the new message.


Through a quick discussion, we can soon see if this type of technology is for you and your organisation. So either pick up the phone or we can meet up for an open conversation. Simple.

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Collaboration is so important?

As part of any successful organisation there is a strong element of collaboration. We encourage a whole range of collaboration from incumbent developers through to the internal or external clients. Through this inclusive approach, we get the best outcomes and the best buy in to the overall service or end product from every shape of client.


Find out more about our Innovation Partnership Programme. Do you want to take part and be an innovative organisation?

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UnderStanding Your Challenge

Trying to understand the hottest topics in your business and how we can change that recipe to make something really powerful is one of the most important steps.
Once we have identified your key stakeholders and groups, we capture their input and listen to what is really making their eyes water!
We start to understand the wish list and get a 'sky's the limit' list of how our technology can really change your people's lives for the better, as well as in the process, deliver better quality services across the board.

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Communicating the Deliverables

So we understand the problem, so this first stage gives you a plan of growing expectations. We draw something up, that all your stakeholders would understand and can follow. With realistic staged outcomes, everyone is then on board at this stage as we would have included a huge amount of their wishes.
Communicating these deliverables is pretty clear and we can provide communications from developer level through to training at each stage. This makes sure that we get a solid feedback loop and of course that your system gets the attention it needs to keep adding value.

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Value delivered

Any of these systems are organic and they grow with every iteration, We have value markers for each stage of a project as part of your measure of outcomes . These give you the outcomes and KPI's that we agreed on earlier in the project and from these we can give you the added value that you have enjoyed from the delivering of each element.
We work our development in a common Agile framework and in such we agree a range of Must haves, Should haves, Could haves and Won't haves for each element. It just make it super clear.

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None of these projects will work without collaboration from within your organisation and beyond. This is one of the key elements of success..
To do this we provide either simple interfaces to keep your team engaged, clear communication of benefits or self service levels that can be less intrusive from IOT or devices that do some of the legwork for us.
We can't emphasise enough how important this approach is to any AI or ML project. Without it, you may simply not get the results.

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Knowledge Sharing

We are introducing new skills into your business that will need to be shared. We take this seriously and although we may not be teaching any circus skills just yet, the knowledge to get the best from every stage of deployment needs to be shared.
We provide a mix of training and seminars along the journey, so that your teams can pick up every skill they need to master or simply aloow them to keep engaged and abreast of developments.

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Sharing skills
Results and reports

Understanding The Results

Bringing all the results together can be tricky when there is a lot of change. We help you to understand the outcomes and how they have impacted your organisation.
This would be done after each agreed module and keeps us honest to our original plan.
We can then manage your expectations successfully with some clear and transparent feedback as we travel along the project line.
Working together not just for you.

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We provide support and development in a few areas and we have experience of delivering reliable and business fit solutions for 60 years across the team. We promise disruption free ways of looking at your business disruptively. Yeh we know, sounds a little difficult. Well, it can be unless you have clear plan and take simple but definable steps. You do not have to change the whole business overnight but it helps if you think about it differently. That's what we do for each part of your organisation and use technology and training where it is needed.

google home mini

Google Assistant address

Many of your are not ready for 'Voice' to be part of your strategy. Well ok that is fine, but you need to get it early with a placeholder or lose your address within the Google Assistant network, before it is too late. It's like not being able to get your web domain back!

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Conversational chatbots

The chatbots of today are growing and are simply the new app. Once you get a smart chatbot into your business, then you will find huge improvements in cost savings, overall service efficiency and increased sales performance. It really is that simple.

Start a smart

Transform your workforce

So can you think disruptively about how you work today? With new solutions that augment the people in your business without the need for developers this is the start of a new way of working. Savings on the bottom-line, happier people what are you waiting for?

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Robotic workforces

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