Bespoke Development Solutions

Our developers will design and build solutions that work

Developing solutions in partnership with our clients

Meeting business challenges

There are not enough developers in the world today and we expect your in house teams have roadmaps that push years not months into the future!

We can help by taking on the peripheral small works projects that can be really good wins for the business but would interrupt the roadmap. This can help in a number of ways:

  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction
  • Add more on-demand capacity to your team
  • Allow you to flexibly respond to changing requirements
  • Deliver the quick wins that add real value overall


We are as easy to talk to as we are to work with, so why not get in touch and see if we can help you to meet your next development challenges?


Changing face of development projects

As projects grow, they can become unwieldy with too many reliant elements affected by small changes.

The micro services approach to development, changes this and allows you to be more dynamic and deploy changes quickly without the need for large testing rigs and extensive refactoring of these reliant section of the overall solution.

We have been working extensively in this area and can bring this expertise to your business.

Our recent dev projects

We have a wide range of sectors and projects types that we deal with and have been dealing with over the last few years. Here are a few live and current projects:

  • Full suite of cross related android apps for online and offline data collection and training delivery in Third world locations.
  • Project for Insurance quote and buy application integrated into all the major aggregators such as Compare the Market, MSM etc
  • Automation conversations with integrated location based responses, serving up to date message in a disruptive world situation.
  • Kubernetes/Docker deployed microservices that used an event source pattern to ensure security and integrity of a process that then populated a noSQL database

How you can work with us

We have a very flexible approach to our development service and have delivered software and solutions for some great clients.

Project based delivery

The traditional model of project based delivery is of course one of the main sources of project work and development delivery that we have.

We have done this across large and small projects, handing off to the client teams so that the project is integrated into their internal service.

Bespoke project and support

This is an extension of the project based approach, where our development work is supported after completion as an ongoing process.

This helps the in house team to be able to raise tickets against our project for any small amends or bugs that are required or found months later.

We have a support contract that delivers a simple and flexible timebank that can be called on and extended if needed.

Dedicated contracted developer

We provide dedicated developer support that slots directly into your team, similar to a contractor working within your business.

They would provide dedicated development time usually over a fixed period to help with expertise or capacity where you need it.

The advantage over a sub contractor is that Disruption Works covers the holidays, sickness and even transfer of people where you need changes mid contract.

There is no problem so complicated, that you cannot find a very simple answer to,
if you look at it the right way.

Our Clients

We have delivered a huge range of projects for clients in a number of sectors, here are a few names that the development team have worked alongside to solve their latest challenges or to create something totally new.

Towergate Insurance client logo

Large UK insurance

Honeywell : Distribution Division
Multinational Distributor

Atlanta Group client logo

Altanta Group
Large UK Insurance

625 Client logo

The 625
SME Healthcare Services

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Solving your challenges


Delivering the right tools for your business.

We are experts in providing smart bridges across systems and ensuring that they talk together, in fact sometimes being smarter does not mean deploying a robot, but just getting systems to talk together with some simple development.

We are flexible in this regard, even though we have a selection of software solutions from chatbots to RPA, we always keep an eye out for the best value for our clients.

We believe the important solution is the one that best fits the need and value it can deliver.

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Technology Agnostic

Flexible enough to deal with any legacy.

Developing projects for small and large businesses alike, our history goes back quite a way and encompasses a significant amount of legacy systems from our corporate background.

We always use the latest best of breed platforms and languages for our solutions today from Microsoft Cognitive services to Google Dialogflow and bespoke coded algorithms and applications that we can deploy for all our clients.

We are agnostic around systems and coding platforms so we can invariably take on anything that is thrown at us and of course deliver some real quality builds.

Controlled and secure

Make it your own and keep it safe.

We are flexible with the type of deployment that you wish to use. We regularly work on client tenant hosting to deliver or even develop new solutions. So you do not have to worry about excessive hosting fees or security of data.

Like all organisations, we are driven by data and so are our solutions. We have strict criteria for data access and test data when integrating with data sensitive systems. We can provide a data management plan or similar if required and our on shore team give you the peace of mind that is hard to find today.

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Agile Partnership

Allowing you to change your mind.

We develop our projects in an agile manner and estimate the budget of a project based on the feature priorities that we discuss with you in detail.

We deliver a project in a feature driven modular fashion to allow flexibility in approach and provide a quality project that is fit for the business. This is run as a fixed budget and flexible scope methodology.

This allows you to add features at the expense of others, that become less important as the project evolves. The prioritisation method that supports this is called Moscow.