Sports Club Engagement

Sports Club Engagement

Here at Disruption Works we can provide you with the perfect fan engagement tool through the power of a Facebook messenger chatbot – Engage, interact, update and monetise.

Be there with them

More and more fans are on chat while watching the game, whether they’re in the ground or watching from home. Engage with fans as it all unfolds, the highs, the lows and all the drama in-between.

Keep me posted

Send out handy reminders about upcoming fixtures or ticket availability – Let the fans know when you have offers and deals on seats and kit. With up to 85% open rates it’s a great way to effectively get your voice out there.

Total engagement of your fans within Facebook or on your site 24/7 365 without you lifting a finger.

Attention seeker

Your bot never stops, no matter how many questions from no matter how many users. Provide fans with instant responses, whenever and wherever, and the great news, is its easy to use, just like texting your friends! (Except the bot texts back ;-) )

International Appeal

Many sports brands have international appeal, however, translating whole websites can be a clumsy ordeal. Life’s easy with a Facebook chatbot as we can convert FAQ’s into numerous languages for your international fans to enjoy.

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This one is thanks to our friends at Standby Productions in Manchester who produce cracking films for TV, online and regular social content from 600pm. They created this for New Era and Manchester United!
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