Robotic workforces

Taking the robot out of the human.

Human and Robots working together in business

Augmenting your workforce

If you stand back for a minute you realise that a good proportion of our working hours is doing repetitive robot like tasks. The robot is not a replacement for your human workforce that is very clear!
What happens is that we take the robot from the human worker, so they can get on with higher value tasks and contribute to the business more effectively. And interestingly they are happier as a result.
Our bot workforce can take on some of the heavy lifting around lots of tasks such as:

  • Claims processing and administrator
  • Forms processing
  • Data collection
  • Customer account management
  • Sales order processes

Building in a competitive edge

Automation is the future and of that there is no denial, so how can you build this competitive edge into your business? Every sector is now working on digitisation and the expectation of customers is rocketing. So building out your robotic workforce can help you to stay ahead of the competition as well as providing a superb customer experience externally and internally no matter what you do.
Imagine if you can impact your business in areas like these:

  • Reduction in costs - the most obvious and tangible benefit is having repetitive task dealt with by bots saves time and money.
  • Faster processing- bots are much quicker and will work 24/7. Dependent on the process this can improve customer experiences.
  • 100% accuracy - bots do not have bad days and do not get distracted, they simply repeat, repeat, repeat. This saves time and money as well as being simply a better process.
The robot is not a replacement for human workers it is there to make life a little better.

Where do you start?

All of this can appear to be daunting, but it does not have to be. At Disruption Works we hold your hand to see how a robotic workforce can start their journey in your business. We have a three stage process that looks at the initial automation opportunities and whether they are good value to you and your team.

  1. Process Identification - what do we think are good tasks that can be automated with some initial impact assessment
  2. High Level Benefit Analysis - pretty much what it says on the tin, this matches your priorities and what the benefit is to the business from each process.
  3. Shortlist of candidates - This gives us a workable list of processes that we then work out a little more detail on, from here we can proceed in an informed manner that takes the risk away from the project.
Let us help you with the first steps

Automation is here

Yes it is. Automation is already here and has been for 20 years! We know it sound ridiculous but Automation has been around for some time, but still 80% of the work that should be automated is still manual and that gap is growing.
Why? Well automation has been very technical, our solution is to give your people the chance to nurture their own bots. Yes that is correct, the goal is to democratise the automation, so that you can run and scale your own bot workers.
Ok there are a few steps to go through, but this is where we help and support your team to develop your robotic workforce.

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Sector Use Cases for Robots

Automating business services

Business service is a broad field, but this shows the flexibility of the approach. Remember that we still need to automate 80% of what should be automated in business and this sector is no different.
Business services can be very administrative process driven businesses that fits perfectly with an automation project.
This would then leave time for the expertise in the service to shine through and not be lost in mundanity.

Process examples

These are a few examples of the types of process that could be automated for this sector:

  • Client onboarding
  • Compliance processing
  • Account data management
  • Processing of forms
  • Reporting collation and automation

Real results

300 hrs/mth
Core digital media agency
Core digital media agency
46 bots
in production
Quad graphics - marketing service
expansion planned
Quad graphics - marketing service

Automating Insurance

Insurance is another sector that is ripe for automation. Being heavily administration based with accuracy of data and compliance high on the list the bot workforce can deliver 100% accuracy across the board. With a high proportion of legacy and proprietary data or systems within these organisations, there are huge opportunities to move data across these systems to enable better business intelligence or better customer management.

Process Examples

These are a few examples of the types of process that could be automated for this sector:

  • Claims processing and administration
  • Report automation
  • Prioritise and assign claims
  • Adjudication process
  • Billing data integration

Real results

improved quality
HGS Insurance
reduction in effort
HGS Insurance
reduced handling
Health Insurance
cost savings
Health Insurance

Banking Automation

The financial sector is a powerful example for a robotic workforce. There are many systems and transfers of data within these systems that cry out for this supportive approach. With massive costs savings and time efficiency across this sector, banking is one of the sectors that has the most to gain from this approach.

Process Examples

These are a few examples of the types of process that could be automated for this sector:

  • Verification/audit processes
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Compliance processing
  • Loan processing
  • Customer account management

Real results

HRMS automated
Global bank
time saved
Global bank
50 FTEs
higher value roles
Clearing House
100,000 hrs/yr
Clearing House

Healthcare Robots

Healthcare in general is using AI and smart processes within their care and medical applications and it is becoming more and more important in the medical care that their customer get.
However, this is another business that has lots of data and administrative tasks involved in the running of medical records and costing as well as data integration across systems.
All with accuracy and security as paramount.

Process Examples

These are a few examples of the types of process that could be automated for this sector:

  • Inventory management
  • Forms processing
  • Digital invoice generation
  • Global contracting system
  • Data collection

Real results

Cerner Healthcare
average saving
Cerner Healthcare
89% reduction
in cycle-time
Medical Technology
50 FTE's
high-value roles
Medical Technology

Manufacturing and bots

All manufacturing attracts specific processes that are the cornerstone of any manufacturing line or business.
This is the sector that used automation very early on and continues to use it within any production with smarter and smarter systems that can react to changes from orders to outputs.
Automation robots are already here and now is the time to look at ALL the processes in the business that can be automated not just that production line.

Process Examples

These are a few examples of the types of process that could be automated for this sector:

  • Corporate billing reports
  • Freight email triage
  • Credit underwriting process
  • Sales order processing
  • Paper mill reporting

Real results

4x faster
set-up time
Fortune 500 manufacturing
savings in 3 mths
Fortune 500 manufacturing
29% increase
productivity in pilot
Heavy machinery production
Zero errors
slowing process
Mining machinery

Clear ROI BEFORE a BOt is built

We have touched on the first steps and once we have high level proof that it is feasible to economically put bots into a business, we get to much more detail with our Process Maturity Model that gives definitive numbers.

  1. Automation Pipeline - this step is taken from the first steps that we have already proven and given us a list of processes to investigate further
  2. Feasibility Analysis - this covers the details on the detail of what can and should be automated from the list
  3. Complexity Assessment - bringing more detail together and calculating the complexity involved for each process
  4. ROI Analysis - This is a very detailed and definitive breakdown of the fiscal benefits and overheads for introducing your bots with tangible returns.
  5. Automation Design - Once the ROI is proven and definitive, we then move to the design stage this is the preview to an actual build.
find out how much could be added

Supporting the future

At Disruption Works, we hold your hand through this process and ensure that you have positive value at every stage of the journey.
We start with our Business Analyst role to get a full plan and model in place. We work within your team to get the best information from the experts in your business (that is the people doing the work).
Once the plan is in place we deploy with your team and support the whole process where you do not have resources or simply want assistance.
We support your business at every stage and we are always here to help you to grow your workforce through training and technical support.
We also have the backing of the largest automation vendor in the world as UI Path Partners

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