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Meet Our Awesome Team

A team of humans to deliver a real service.
Jaime Alsina
Solutions Director

Jaime is the one that sees through the information to drill down to a solution that is tangible and also manageable from every side. With an incredible background in developing process and workflows that save money time and people's sanity. Jaime is the lead when we start to design and design the solution.

With experience that demands the respect of any professional in the field, Jaime is the best person to design a solution with everyone involved.

Steve Tomkinson
Managing Director

Steve has worked with a wide range of businesses and organisation from the largest brands on the planet down to some more modest organisations. Steve is always the translator between client and development, understanding quickly where the headline solution fits and where those expectations will sit.

Disruption Works is Steve's brain child and comes from the demand that is here today and future that is seen for a disruptive approach to business problems that everyone has.

Dave Antwis
Technical Director

With a deep history of dealing with large scale IT infrastructure and developing strong projects in the latest technology. 

Dave has a flexible and experienced approach to any challenge and can simply deliver what is required when it is needed. A truly competent project lead, Dave stamps his authority on any project to make sure that a cohort of developers stays on track.

Enough said.

John Jenner
Associate Consultant

One of the industry thought leaders within the insurance sector, we are lucky to have John's expertise giving us the latest  insights to this sector and how AI and ML is gathering real momentum within insurance from both prevention and protection.

Nick Day
Associate Consultant

Nick is our lead consultant into the public sector, having for over 25 many years acted within public service organisations as a consultant and delivering real value to process and project delivery. 

We are fortunate to have Nick as one the team for both project work and a degree of vital translation when we look at public sector delivery and social impact.

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