reTAIL Chatbot

Keeping up in Retail

These demos are a catalyst for ideas on how a chatbot could be used in your business.
This example shows some simple messaging and journeys around a retail journey as a mock up.
This simple example is connected to a dummy ecommerce site and the products are pulled in from that small database of products. How powerful could this be?
The power of a chatbot is the integration in to your business and when you look at this, you should be considering what role this would have in the business, this is usually connected to what is going to give you the quickest return and build from there.

A few key role may include;

  • Customer Service - answer standard queries 24/7
  • Self service - tracking parcels in a nice engaging way
  • Sales generation integrated ecommerce via a channel they trust.
Up to 70% of your simple customer queries can be successfully dealt by a bot no matter what the hour.
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