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The struggle facing businesses

From a recent poll 35% of businesses said that it was simply time and expertise that was stopping them from deploying a chatbot in their business.

We obviously think it is mad for businesses not to have a chatbot in place now. They are accepted by customers and simple pay for themselves many times over with the time saved in dealing with queries and self service journeys.

We have our own platform BotBuild that we would love the world to use, but we also appreciate that there a wide range of vendors out there that have solid platforms, but business is struggling to get the best from them.

We feel this is a lost opportunity for businesses, there are some add on options for chatbots within CRM's and systems around and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

How Can we Help you?

We build chatbots, it is what we do, day in, day out

We know that most of the principles across the platforms are very similar and although the interfaces are different, there is a core scope of activity that any chatbot will perform very well and some that they will find a challenge.

We can hone in quickly on what we have seen chatbots doing within your sector and design the conversational flow that will fit within the platform solution that you have in place.

Using our significant experience of building chatbots over the last few years, we can make sure that we can build a chatbot that not only gives the best experience to your customer, but also something that gives you the foundation to build on and expand with.

We do not stop there. We also provide ongoing support and time that you can lean on for amends or new features that you may want to add, especially as you change or realise that there are additional pinch points that can be automated.

Let us help your business to be smarter

  • We do all the heavy lifting with only a light touch from your team
  • Provide onboarding for your team
  • Provide ongoing support for the chatbot
  • Give the option of expanding and growing the chatbot

We do all the heavy lifting

Yes that is right, we do all the heavy lifting on our side, we do the investigation within your platform and see how your CRM in configured and how to then bring the chatbot into service and build the chatbot with a hand over to your team.

We can work with the chatbot platform of your choice to make something special.

It all starts with a conversation

We know you are really busy, but why not just book a meeting with our team and see if we can help you out. Its FREE!

We simply get it done

  • Investigate and/or report on the options available in your platform
  • Advise on the best solution to match your sector
  • Design & build the conversational flow and content
  • Implement the conversational logic into your platform
  • Integrate the chatbot where needed for self service journeys

experienced professionals

We are simply experts in chatbots

We have chatbots working and providing great return on investment across an number of sectors. we have built not only chat based bots but also voice operated automation solutions as well.

  • We have been building chatbots for over 4 years
  • Worked across platforms
  • Understand the pitfalls and best practice with chatbots
  • We are practiced integrators to ensure all your systems talk together

Expertise that gives you the best solution

As we see the improvements in technology and the acceptance from customers grow, we realise that more and more can be automated so that everyone wins and this knowledge and expertise in providing the very best experience is what we bring to our clients.

See what our clients think of our work

The proof is in the pudding so they say, so take a look at the nice words that are clients say about working with our team.

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